An Argument for a Green Party Slate in 2022

Peter Goselin, Co-Chair, Green Party of CT


A majority of Americans see the need for a “third party” in the US; however, the Republican Party – the “second party” – is currently in a state of division, decline and collapse both nationally and here in Connecticut. Republicans in this state have marginalized and divided themselves, and making use of Connecticut’s municipal system of “minority party” representation could allow the Green Party to push to the fore as a left electoral coalition. The conservative, nationalist politics that effectively marginalized the US Left after 9/11/2001 have been under serious attack since Occupy Wall Street, and since 2014 forces associated with Black Lives Matter are leading a progressive political resurgence that draws in new forces even as it deepens political understanding, raises class consciousness, and radicalizes.

The Green Party of Connecticut, though small, could be an effective electoral coalition of the Left in the state, having had some success at the local level, experience in dealing with the vagaries of Connecticut balloting and campaign finance laws, and an openness to the issues that are mobilizing a new generation of young activists. Running a full slate of state-wide candidates and at least three congressional candidates, plus candidates for state assembly and senate, would bring the Green Party of Connecticut a much higher public profile and lay the groundwork for becoming Connecticut’s “second party.”

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