Ralph A Ferrucci
For United States Representative District 3
in Connecticut
Green 2008
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Federal Contracts/ U.S. Companies

Pay Cap for CEOs

End the War in Iraq



Prison Reform

Women's Rights

Environment and Energy Environment and energy


Electoral Reform

Retirement Security


Federal Budget

Military Overspending

Human and Civil Rights. This includes Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Rights

The National Debt


Minimum Wage/Living Wage

Profit Caps on Natural, Renewable and unrenewable resources

Health Care

Environment, Energy and Fuel Prices

In China, four children died and nearly 6,200 have become sick from milk tainted with melamine. Melamine was the same chemical found in tainted pet food a year ago.

Eighteen executives and government officials have been arrested and many of them may be executed for their corporate crimes.

In America, we do not go after corporate criminals, we reward them with a bail out totaling 700 Billion Dollars. $85 biilion will go to bailing out AIG.

I am not saying lets execute the CEO of AIG, but these corporate criminals need to be brought to justice.

While we spend billions helping rich corporations, many working people are struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table. Many are struggling with mortgage payments and taxes. Many of them may lose their homes and yet our government is not helping them.

When will the working people of this country receive a bail out?

We need to fire all of the Democrats and Republicans. We need to tell them we are tired of politics as usual.



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