Vote Green because the 21st century does not come in black and white (left and right; liberal and conservative…)

Welcome to my campaign website. Please look over the pages and feel free to contact me. I am running for public office because we need to vote out the incumbents. This is not a personal attack on anyone; I respect whoever seeks public office trying to do good. It is the means of sending a message in this campaign of the catchword “change”. At the federal level both the Democrats and the Republicans are using the term, but I believe the constituents should exercise it. We need new thinking on our tax systems, energy policies, planning and zoning and education to name a few issues. Our legislators have spoken out time and again about how devastating the property-tax burden has become, how expensive it will be come winter to heat our homes, how we need to support local farms and preserve open space, and certainly we have heard them say how we need to better educate our children to be tomorrow’s leaders and citizens. Unfortunately, we are at this point where our tax system is broken, our urban centers are in decline, public education is struggling and the cost of living is escalating, and whatever time period one chooses to look back over, we were probably better off then than we are now: One year; five years; ten years? We have gotten here because politics has not changed and our leaders are not looking far enough ahead to recognize the changes that are necessary today. As a third party candidate I realize that I cannot achieve change on my own. I must work with members of the major parties in true bipartisanship. In the same vein, I need the votes of constituents from the major parties, minor parties and the unaffiliated voters to get elected. My election would send a great message to other legislators that change is wanted. Connecticut’s legislature is not gridlocked like our federal congress but sending a Green to the General Assembly does declare that the issues must be seen other than in black and white.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and consider my candidacy. Go Green 2008!

This website is a work in progress, please bookmark me and come back again soon!! Thanks -Ken Hanson