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Ben is running for Board of Selectmen
(2-year term) in Canton in 2015

Ben ran in 2011 and won 6.4% of the vote in a 7-way race.

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Sunflower, the symbol of the Green Party

Green Party nominated Ben Holden
at July 28 state meeting

The Future is NOW

Canton is at a crossroads. We will see new faces in town government in November. We face serious decisions which will determine our future.

Our Board of Selectmen ends its term with unfinished business- the Lawton Road Fields, Solar Panels on the Community Center roof, Canton Hydro, the town bridge, and the new town garage.

I am running for the BOS to do those unfinished things. I imagine a board in which neither major party has a majority and we can accomplish the new future focus goals of what we need.

I ask for your vote on November 3rd

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