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Campaign Issues

In March 2007, two New Haven Narcotics Officers were arrested due to allegations of corruption. Mayor John DeStefano, when questioned about these allegations, knowing the validity of them, did not confirm the allegations, but simply and deceitfully stated that he “only heard rumors.” I believe that we can still have a government that is free of corruption and falsities, and on April 4, 2007, in pursuit of that belief, I announced that I would be seeking the Green Party nomination to run for Mayor of New Haven.

Before my moving to New Haven in 2000, I enjoyed visiting the City on a daily basis. It was the unique small businesses and the quaintness of the City that brought me here. However, through the years, many of those businesses were replaced with Dollar Stores, Starbucks coffee shops and upscale apartment buildings. The New Haven that we once knew is slowly being transformed into a city with highrise complexes and hotel conference centers, thereby pushing out and eliminating the small businesses that once filled this city. If we continue at the current pace, within the next ten years, places such as The Book Trader, Willoughby’s and The Educated Burger will be replaced with Dollar Dreams stores and Burger King. Local entrepreneurs often hire local citizens, which, in turn, helps our community. We need to embrace small businesses and help them prosper in our city.

One of the issues I will be addressing during this election is the importance of the City of New Haven to force Yale University to pay its fair share of taxes. Yale University makes 12.5 million dollars every two days on the interest of their endowment. It is time for us to put an end to Yale’s evasion of their tax responsibilities and enforce a mandate that they pay the money that is owed to our city.

Another issue that is of concern to our city is the issue of Eminent Domain. John DeStefano embraced the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Kelo v. New London, which decision allowed the City of New London to take homes for economic development. This is a problem. Eminent domain should be for extreme cases only where the city would benefit, such as the building of schools and/or highway construction and renovation. It should be used for city purposes only and not for private economic development. I will push for an ordinance that will pay landowners who lose their property to Eminent Domain 25% over fair market value, meaning, if you lose your property due to Eminent Domain and your property’s fair market value is $100,000.00, then you would be paid $125,000.00.

Since his election to office, Mayor DeStefano has spent 1.5 billion dollars on school construction, causing property taxes to rise five times in five years. While our city schools were in need of renovation, the costly and aggressive building and remodeling of these schools was more than most New Haven residents could afford. Taxes need to be stabilized. In order to do so, the building of future schools needs to be minimized.

In order to make our schools top-notch learning facilities, we need to reduce class sizes so there is a much more productive student-teacher ratio. Doing so will enhance the ability of students to learn in a more effective manner.

I have been reviewing the new proposed 2007 city budget. It will, most likely, include more tax increases to continue to fund the economic growth of our city, while at the same time, putting a large financial burden on our taxpayers. Most city residents will not be able to afford another tax increase, particularly with the increasing fuel and electricity prices. If Mayor DeStefano continues to increase taxes, many city residents will be forced to move to surrounding towns where the mill rate is much lower. Longstanding residents of our city should not be forced out because of Mayor DeStefano’s lack of consideration to those taxpayers who financially support this city.

We have seen much economic development in the downtown area over the past several years. However, the Mayor has done nothing to renovate or improve the other areas of New Haven, such as East Rock, Fair Haven and the Hill section. We need an economic plan that is beneficial for all of the City, not just the Nine Squares.

During the last 13 years, New Haven has undergone major changes with Mayor DeStefano in office. With every fiscal year, we experience tax increases, eminent domain controlling our city for economic development, and the continuous rise in fuel and electricity prices. We need to put an end to Mayor DeStefano’s extreme wastefulness and poor economic management. When elected, I will fight to stabilize taxes, save small businesses, go after Yale for its fair share of taxes and stop Eminent Domain for Corporate America.

Join the fight to change our city for the better. With your help, we can win. By volunteering and/or donating you can help to keep the fight going.

Ralph Ferrucci

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