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(This site is from Allan's 2007 campaign. Click here for Allan's 2009 campaign!)

Thank you for your support!

The latest vote count shows Allan won the 2007 election with 393 votes, 56% of the total. He looks forward to serving you on the Board of Alders!


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Why I Ran

New Haven needs choices. There is no electoral democracy where, in the vast majority of New Haven's 30 wards, there will be only one candidate facing the voters on Election Day. Is this the way our democracy should work?

In particular, New Haven needs a Board of Alders strong enough to perform its mandated role as the legislative check on the executive branch of City government. The Board must be independent of the Mayor, capable of challenging mayoral proposals concerning the many important issues of the day.

Those issues include the budget and ever-rising taxes, patronage and mismanagement at the Board of Education, and major development projects such as downtown and the Route 34 corridor.

The Board of Alders has to cease being a rubber stamp.

To achieve this objective we need alders who are independent of both the Mayor and of the Democratic Town Committee, two of the principle centers of power in New Haven.

If I am elected, I pledge to be that Independent Voice. I will never forget that an Alder's main responsibility is to his constituents, not to political power brokers.

I ask for your vote on November 6th

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