Eminent Domain
When elected, the first thing that I am going to do is push an ordinance through the Aldermanic Chambers stopping Eminent Domain for private use. Eminent Domain is for public purposes only, not for private development. I plan to protect the rights and property of the residents of this great city.


"I plan to protect the rights and property of the residents of this great city."

Lower Taxes
We need an economic plan that will bring businesses to New Haven but not at the expense of the Residents. We can not increase taxes to the point where we cannot afford to live in the city that we have made our home. I will work hard to make the tax rate affordable while bringing jobs to New Haven. We can have a growth in businesses in this city without the burden being put on the home owners.

In the Mayor's last budget proposal he has called for an increase in taxes. These taxes will go to destroying the Coliseum, and construction bonds for the moving of Gateway Community College and for the building of a theater, a hotel conference center and more luxury apartments. The working class in this city will pay the most taxes and will never be able to enjoy these apartments. It is time that we had a mayor who put us first.

Yale's Fair Share
In two recent articles, two of the Mayor’s spokespersons have said, If we all pay our fair share, then the tax burden becomes lower and "We will have the highest tax collection rate ever: 98 percent". Yale, which owns the most property in New Haven, pays the least per square foot in taxes. We cannot afford that anymore.  Now is the time that Yale starts to pay it's fair share.

More Community Policing
Many years ago the ATF and DEA cleaned up the streets of New Haven. We will not get help this time from the Federal Government. We need to add more police officers on the streets to help bring crime back down. Under Mayor Daniels, New Haven led the nation in reducing crime. We invented Community Policing and made New Haven one of the safest cities of its size. But the current Administration has allowed the system to stagnate. It's no surprise that the NHPD's "Community Policing Timeline" stops in 2001.

 Smaller Class Sizes
Many studies have shown that children in grades K-5 have increased learning capacities through smaller class sizes.  We need to prepare our school children for a competitive world. The only way we can do that is by making class sizes smaller.

 Economic Growth and Small Businesses
Many years ago, small businesses where the reason people came to New Haven from Sole Mate boots, Barry’s Bootiers and Daily Cafe. These businesses have been driven out by high taxes and Yale's commercial interests. We need to work at bringing small businesses back to New Haven.

There is a problem when people are starving on our streets every night. Many of us are one paycheck away from becoming homeless ourselves. We need to make sure that those who need the help can get it.