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The Green Party: Representing People not Big Money.



The Green Party, as expressed in our Ten Key Values, represents a new path towards good government.  Organizing for social, economic and environmental reforms to make our communities better places to live, citizens have come together to build a new party that represents the interests of regular people.

We don't believe in Big Government and we don't believe in Big Business.  We not only challenge the two-party system of politics-as-usual, we will challenge all forms of entrenched power by joining with citizens and communities to take back our democracy.

The Connecticut Green Party:

Paid for by Horton Sheff 2001, Joyce Tentor, Treasurer.   Donations are not tax deductible.  1st Amendment Protected.
Mail: PO BOX 231214 Hartford, CT 06123 1(888) 877-8607 |  Office: 418A New Britain Ave.  (860) 524-9448