Support Wikileaks!

With hack members of Connecticut's Congressional delegation like Joe Lieberman calling for the arrest and prosecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, I feel, as a former candidate for Congress, that it is appropriate to counter this anti-free speech campaign from Lieberman with this link to:

Wikileaks Cablegate Archive

The Emporer Wears no Clothes. Transparency is essential to democracy. Wikileaks performs a valuable service to humanity by opening these diplomatic cables to us all.

Explore them yourself.

Your country needs your courage.

And thanks to the 2,560 or so of you who found the courage to vote for me on November 2, 2010. I am deeply grateful for your support. As one famous American said: I have not yet begun to fight.

Vote Ken Krayeske, Row 3D

Don't forget to vote today! Polls are open 6am-8pm. If you have any literature, remember to stand 75 feet from the front doors.

Check out CT's Green Party Candidate Slate.

U.S. Green Candidates

Krayeske has never been afraid to go against the grain

Join us afterwards for our Election Night Party at Hook and Ladder. Sliding scale donation of $5-100 with a huge meat and veggie buffet.

Battle of the Giant Poets (for Ken) live links

We've been dropping some teaser tidbits from our Battle of the Giant Poets event on October 14 at Szechuan Tokyo. If you missed it, have no fear all the great and funny poems are now live and eternal. You can catch Iyaba Mandingo's "41 Times" and Ravi "I don't play the sitar" Shankar's "Sand Nigger Blues" and "If Walt Whitman was Tupac." Kate Rushin and Jon Andersen also performed and local celebrity, Rand Cooper, emceed and performed.

Battle of the Giant Poets for Ken Performance Hold on!

Ken Krayeske is officially a lawyer

Creative Commons logo by "laobc" from

Everyone here at Ken Krayeske for Congress Headquarters congratulates Ken, not only for passing the bar on his first try but for just getting sworn in today as an official lawyer!

This Land is Your Land, This Land is OUR Land

You've seen our Battle of the Giant Poets, but now you need some musical accompaniment to start your day. We all know the revered Woody Guthrie, but have you ever wondered what a modern, funkified version of one of his most popular traditionals would sound like? Well, now you can. With lead vocals by Dominique, backup vocals by Rachel Perlin, Cassie Martin and Sara Normandin and the Jen Allen Clark Jazz Combo, get ready for something completely different.

A Congressional Debate where students asked the tough questions

Krayeske for Congress pushed for this event to happen with the catalyst being Andy Thibault and Jumoke Academy's Amy Ma. The debate was an unprecedented moment in time where student moderators (with the help of their Social Studies teacher) crafted and asked the questions. FoxCT's Laurie Perez was the moderator. As they assured us beforehand, no topic was off limits. (Pictures courtesy of Gary Lewis.)

Op Ed: Breaking down barriers From the back of the bus

Ever wonder what it's like to run a Congressional Race on a little under ten thousand dollars? Ever wonder what's like to have a small staff that has your back when you aren't sure what to do? Ever wonder what it's like to speak truth to the power structure and debate a sitting Congressman 4 times? Well, chances are you know me; I'm Ken Krayeske and I'm the Green Party nominee for the 1st Congressional District.

See my Op-Ed in today's Register Citizen:

KEN KRAYESKE: Breaking down barriers From the back of the bus

Ready to do battle? We already had one

Thursdays are traditionally slow news days. So we'll introduce you to some of our new friends from our Oct. 14 fundraiser. They are inspiring, amazing and distinguished poets in their own rights and at the behest of Andy Thibault and the cause at hand, they performed some of their newest and heady material at Szechuan Tokyo in the Battle of the Giant Poets (for Ken). Meet Kate Rushin, Rand Cooper, Jon Andersen, Ravi "I don't play the sitar" Shankar and Iyaba Mandingo. Let's not forget the host of the evening, Paul Lewis. (All photos courtesy of Bob Thiesfield).

Final Debate: Mea Culpa, Congressman Larson, But The Challenges Still Stand

By Ken Krayeske

Debate Coverage

    Register-Citizen // Republican-American // New Hartford Plus

    A few important notes from tonight's debate (in New Hartford). I made minor factual mistakes I need to correct, and one campaign commercial that I stand behind. None of my mistakes change the overall substance of my positions, nor do they alter the fundamental issue: Larson needs to work harder.

    This is no excuse, but in a low budget campaign, we do the research we can with the resources we have. Volunteers prepped me for the debates, and in going through Congressman Larson's voting record, we relied heavily on Project VoteSmart, because it is an easy-to-use, comprehensive database.

    However, when a politician registers a "no vote" meaning they didn't show up to vote Project VoteSmart does not include the reasoning. I learned tonight that the Congressional Record itself, though, allows room for excused absences.

    So in tonite's debate, when I attacked Congressman Larson for his two "no votes" on May 23 and December 13, 2001 on the No Child Left Behind Act, I did not know the reason. After the debate, Larson himself told me he had to attend to a family emergency and could not be at those votes. I apologized.

    A few minutes later a campaign staffer came up to me and told me again that Larson missed the votes because of personal emergencies, and that the Congressional Record would reflect it. So here I sit now, though, 11:45pm, post-debate, combing through the densely-texted pages of the Record. I must have something wrong, and will contact Congressman Larson's office, because the Congressional Record shows he made various roll calls on May 23, 2001. I must be looking in the wrong place, because I only find votes for No Child "stuff" on H. 144 from the record on May 23, 2001.

    Again, I apologize for not knowing the facts as well as I should have. Congressman Larson issued a statement against No Child Left Behind. My challenge to him is to be an activist and repeal NCLB now. He isn't as vociferous as he needs to be. Let teachers teach.

    Secondly, I made a mistake in discussing Congressman Larson's role in the closing of the Winsted Memorial Hospital. I knew that he was Senate President Pro Tem, but I thought he left the Senate after 1995, when in reality he left the Senate in 1995. The Winsted Memorial Hospital closed down in November 1996.

    Larson wasn't there for the final nails in the coffin. However, since Larson was Senate President from 1987 to 1995, I feel that he could have done something to stop the regressive hospital tax that took money from rural hospitals and funneled it to urban hospitals. This tax and the philosophy that health care should be centralized in cities led to Winsted Memorial Hospital's demise. When I find the information about that, I will post it.

    Additionally, on this hospital matter, tonight I said a line to the effect of "this isn't Kabul where we bomb hospitals, we only bankrupt them here in America." I should have said Kandahar, where we have in fact bombed a hospital. Steve Collins of the Bristol Press caught my gaffe, as he could find no mention of a hospital bombing in Kabul. Sorry, Steve is correct, here. Call me a liar because I mistook Kabul for Kandahar.

    Looking at the larger issue, though, American militarism hasn't been great for healthcare in Iraq, either. Google "bomb hospital in Iraq" and you'll get the drift that our invasion of Iraq has led to civil instability that leads to suicide bombers targeting hospitals, as recently as September 19, 2010. And, on March 31, 2003, it was reported that in the early days of the invasion, we bombed a hospital in Rutbah, Iraq.

    Finally, Congressman Larson's campaign staff expressed to us in many ways today that our latest campaign commercial is an unfair "low blow" at a six-term incumbent. I thought they were upset with the transition. No, they were mad with the mash-up of my rhetorical questions and his non-answers.

    The debate format did not lend itself to him answering, a campaign staffer told me after tonight's debate. But Larson still didn't answer the questions, especially the one about raising the minimum wage as Obama promised. Tonight, Larson replied meekly that he's for a minimum wage increase, but where's the work, Congressman? The proof is in the legislation.

    I stand by the ad. Larson could have answered the questions. He didn't. What's even funnier, though, is that they are worried about a campaign ad that has gotten 200 views. I wonder if Blumenthal's campaign calls up McMahon's staff and says the "create a job" mash-up from the debates was unfair.

    When I'm wrong, I'll admit it.

Politics: A Transformative Experience Follow Your Dreams

Double Header Debate Day

All election season, I said politics should be a transformative experience, especially for children. I had no idea how deeply affected myself and my staff would be after yesterday's Congressional debate at the Jumoke Academy (annex). The student greeters were a highlight as were their manners and penchant for higher learning.

Organized largely in part by Andy Thibault's connections to the school, Amy Ma, CEO Michael Sharpe, Doreen Crawford and countless others, the questions were written and asked by Hartford's only Charter School's students and moderated by FoxCT's Laurie Perez.

We were notified a week prior that no topic was off limits and clearly they did their homework in regards to what candidate answered and didn't answer certain topics in the previous debate in West Hartford.

After the event, two students came up and asked how to be a journalist and I taught them how to ask questions as the Press-Herald's Stephen Collins was the guinea pig. Within minutes, I was surrounded by 50 students, each asking for an autograph. As the next music class started, I was still signing books, well until 3:15pm. The high lasted almost until the evening's debate.

The evening's debate at the Hartford Public Library was sponsored by the Library, Common Cause and Hartford Votes! We received phone calls earlier about rowdy and rude Tea Party members scaring off 3rd party supporters by blocking the sidewalk, but that is expected.

Moderated by WFSB's Dennis House, the diverse crowd apparently had no qualms in speaking their minds and catcalling, without so much as a reprimand. The format was more to our liking because each question was asked to a pair of candidates at the microphone. For the second half, we were each given 3 yellow cards and could respond to questions with a card or not, but we had to use them up.

It's rare to have a Congressman debate two 3rd parties more than once and the 4th and final debate is scheduled tonight at Ann Antolini School, 30 Antolini Road in New Hartford at 7pm. It is being sponsored by the (Torrington) Register-Citizen and the Litchfield County Times. The event will be live streamed on their respective websites.

Fox61 Coverage (ran 10 + 11pm)

West Hartford News


Bristol Press

New Britain Herald

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