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Peter Magistri

Green Party Candidate:
Peter Magistri
State Representative -  60th District
(Windsor, Windsor Locks)

Endorsed by the CT National Organization of Women

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As I walk the neighborhoods of my district, the most common theme that comes out of conversations is what I call the "Us Vs Them" mentality. "Rich Vs Poor" and "Politicians Vs Citizens" in particular, resonate amongst us all. This combination brings about voter apathy and disenfranchisement. Who can blame anyone who has given up on a system that has given up on them? It is abundantly clear that the major political parties are owned lock, stock and barrel by big moneyed interests. This is manifested through higher drug prices, higher insurance rates, regressive state income tax, higher property taxes and the list goes on. We all know this and our frustration is universal. But what can we do about it? We've tried to convince our legislature to pass campaign finance reform laws and they simply turned their backs. We're left with no power as usual.

There is one thing that might get their attention: JOB LOSS. That's right, imagine their about face when they realize the good people of Connecticut have CHOSEN someone else! The Ct Green Party has six candidates from many walks of life running for the state legislature illustrating not the "Us vs Them" doctrine but the "Us IS Them" doctrine! Our mission is to provide a CHOICE through grassroots democracy and it can happen if we pull together.


  • Left the corporate world after 24 years to work for Habitat for Humanity
  • Married to Victoria for 11 years, son Peter, also of Windsor
  • 18 year Windsor resident
  • Carpenter
  • Sexton
  • Navy veteran

Current Volunteer Activities:

  • OneCt Coalition - Working to fight poverty and build economic security
  • Health Care for All Coalition - Testified before the Public Health Committee and worked with others on universal health care legislation
  • Ct Coalition for Environmental Justice - Promoting asthma education among several public sectors and worked with groups to enable legislation
  • The Greater Hartford Faith-based Coalition for Equity and Justice - Educating and promoting antiracism issues
  • Co-chair of Social Responsibility Committee at the Unitarian Society of Hartford
  • Common Cause of Ct - Submitted testimony to the Government Administration and Elections Committee in support of Campaign Finance Reform


Universal Health Care
Many citizens are unaware that a single payer health care bill was presented to the Public Health Committee in 1999 and again in 2001. In both instances the committee prevented the bill from advancing to the General Assembly for debate. In fact, in 2001 it took the Labor Committee to bring it forth. This bill doesn't only help the uninsured and underinsured. Consider this: it alleviates the need to adjudicate workers compensation conflicts; it eliminates catastrophic illness as the #1 cause of bankruptcy; it makes health care affordable to small businesses; it would decrease out of pocket expenses for Medicare recipients; the State of CT predicts this program would save about $1.3 billion in health care expenses due to decreased administrative costs and purchasing medications in bulk and substantially lower the cost of health care insurance for the average CT family. 

I will work for Universal Health Care and any legislation that reduces costs and increases coverage for our citizens.

Progressive Income Tax
I will work to lower the state income tax for people earning less than $100,000 per year. We need to make a major correction to the disparity between rich and poor in our state and a progressive income tax is a step in the right direction.

Cleaner Air
We not only need to enforce existing Clean Air Act Standards statewide but we also need to get serious about mass transportation and more alternate fuels like the conversion to natural gas of the Bradley Airport shuttles.

Empowering Democracy
If average citizens could afford to compete, the incumbents would be forced to debate real issues. Until Campaign Finance Reform becomes law, the two major parties will continue to be tethered to big moneyed interests. Some folks see this as an attack on those two parties. I see it as improving them. I will work to pass a veto-proof campaign finance bill that enables citizens of ordinary means to run for office.

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