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Charlie Pillsbury for Alderman in New Haven's Ward 19

Why Vote for Charlie Pillsbury?

Ward 19 and New Haven are not well served by a one party system.

As a Green Party member, I am dedicated to giving you an independent voice and a real choice in the election for alder on Tuesday, November 4th.

Who is Charlie Pillsbury?

I am a lawyer (turned mediator) and executive director of a nonprofit community-based mediation agency. I have lived in the East Rock area for 30 years, am married to the Rev. Allie Perry, and have four children: Leah (21), Susie (19) and Lydia (18) and Andrew (18). All four attended Worthington Hooker School, and three graduated from Wilbur Cross High School.

What will Charlie Pillsbury do?

If elected, I will work for you. I will be your link to city government and your advocate for city services. I also plan to focus on four other important issues:

Print and distribute Charlie's flyer

This downloadable PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable for free from