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- CT National Organization of Women
- National Association of Social Workers
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There's No Reason to Raise Taxes

October 28, 2002 -- There is more than enough money available for legislators to provide for the state's needs...Read More


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Vote Clean, Vote Green in the 18th Senate District.

In the last two years, astonishing things have occurred throughout the United States.  Grass roots activists, citizens, labor activists and environmentalists have come together to form the fastest growing political party in America: The Green Party.  Penny Teal is one of those activists and she's been working on creating a new alternative to the 2-party dominance that plagues our government.

A Green vote will promote...

Sustainable Development

We need economic development in tune with all of our long-term priorities. Bike- and pedestrian-friendly village centers, locally-owned businesses and open space; affordable housing and mass transit.

Corporate Accountability

It's not just for when the stock market's plummeting. Require that corporations create the jobs they promise, pay decent wages, and protect the environment. Change tax and zoning codes to protect small businesses.

Universal Health Care

We need coverage for everybody in CT.  Coverage for prescription drugs, for the working poor... at a savings of up to two billion dollars!  All of the western industrialized world has national health care except for the United States.

Election Reform

We need publicly financed campaigns, to get special interests and big money out of government.

Click here to learn more about each of these issues and why Penny Teal will help make a difference in the capitol.



Candidate Statement

"The Green Party is committed to social and economic justice, to preserving civil liberties, to protecting the environment, and to restoring democracy in America.

"The major party candidates think democracy means networking with power brokers, getting sweet contributions, and hiring a crew to blitz the airwaves with advertising. 

"I think democracy means everyone's voice gets heard, not just the voices of the biggest corporate campaign donors.  Greens win elections by refusing to jump on the money-driven merry-go-round.  Greens win elections by getting regular citizens like you and me to join them in taking back their democracy!"

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