Minutes of the 4-30-11 CTGP annual meeting at the Portland Senior Center from 10am to 4pm Location: 7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT 06480

CTGP attendees: CTGP co-chairpersons: Jane Weston, S. Michael DeRosa, Richard Duffee, treasurer: Christopher Reilly, secretary: Barbara Barry. Also: Rolf Maurer, Hector Lopez, Douglas Lary, Jean deSmet, Jerry Martin, Vittorio Lancia, Charlie Pillsbury, Robert “Bob” Stuller, Ronna Stuller, Paul Bassler, Jeff Russell, David Bedell, Ben Holder, Richard Dzindyl, Martha Kelly, Stephen Fournier, Cliff Thornton, Michele Larocque, Ken Krayeske, Amy Vas Nunes, Justine McCabe, Albert Marceau, Darek Shapiro, Tim McKee, Nicholas Payne. Observers: Daniel Malo, Eric DeVois, Mark Case

10am to 10:10am: Greetings from facilitator: Charles Pillsbury; designation of a timekeeper; review of the agenda; introduction of Nancy Burton, attorney and nuclear energy activist.

10:10am to 10:50am: speech by Nancy Burton regarding nuclear energy, Chernobyl, India, Three Mile Island, Japan, etc.

10:50am to 11:15am: questions from the attendees to Nancy Burton.

11:15am: Nancy Burton’s formal portion of the agenda ends but she will be available for more media coverage in another room.

11:15am to 11:30am: Charlie Pillsbury and Christopher Reilly advised about the election procedures and explanation of the voting process. Jerry Martin, Jean deSmet and Douglas Lary validated presented envelopes were from registered CTGP members per CTGP bylaw. (Definition is provided below.).

11: 30am: nominations from the CTGP attendees: Christopher Reilly for write-in for treasurer; Jeff Russell for Eco-Action GPUS committee; Amy Vas Nunes for CT representative to GPUS.

12:00pm to 12:45pm: candidate speeches and questions from attendees to candidates.

a) (30minutes) attending candidates for: three CTGP co-chairperson positions (Jane Weston, Ronna Stuller, S. Michael DeRosa, Rolf Maurer, Ken Krayeske, Jerry Martin), one treasurer position and one secretary position ( Barbara Barry, Patricia Kane); will have a maximum of 2 minutes each to speak. After all the candidates have spoken, a total of 10 minutes will be allowed for questions to these candidates.

b) (15 minutes) attending candidates for CT representatives to the GPUS positions(Timothy McKee, Charles Pillsbury, S. Michael DeRosa; Jeff Russell) will have a maximum of one minute to speak. After all the candidates have spoken, a total of 10 minutes will be allowed for questions to these candidates.

c) (18 minutes) attending candidates to be three CT representative to the GPUS International Committee positions( Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa, Richard Duffee, Hector Lopez, Justine McCabe, Jeff Russell): will have a maximum of one minute to speak followed by 12 minutes for candidate’s responses to questions.

d) (16 minutes) attending candidate to be three CT representative to the GPUS Platform Committee positions(Justine McCabe, Jeff Russell, Cole Stangler, Amy Vas Nunes): will have a maximum of one minute to speak followed by 12 minutes for candidate’s responses to questions.

e) (11 minutes) attending candidates for any other GPUS committees. Each committee has a maximum of 3 positions. Each candidate will have a maximum of one minute to speak. Attendees may direct questions to the candidates for the remaining minutes. 3 CTGP representatives, each, for the following GPUS national committees: Accreditation (AC): reviews any state chapter which petitions to join the GPUS; reviews criteria for state delegates to GPUS annual meetings and conventions; Annual National Meeting (ANMC) working on the summer 2011 GPUS annual meeting to be held in Rapid City, Iowa; Ballot Assess (BA): discussion of efforts, difficulties, strategies and successes of state Green Parties gaining ballot access: S. Michael DeRosa; Bylaws, Rules, Polices, Procedure (BRPP): for the GPUS officers and national committees: Amy Vas Nunes; Coordination Campaign (CCC): distribution of any GPUS money to Green Party candidates for public office; Dispute Resolution (DRC): mediation of any disputes within the GPUS organization: Charles Pillsbury; Diversity (DC): strategies and actions to urge/maximize diversity within the GPUS: Michelle L. Bicking; Eco Action (EC): develop strategies for the GPUS regarding ecological matters; Finance (FinCom) : review and determine how to spend the money of the GPUS organization; Fundraising (FC): raises money for the GPUS operations; Green Party of the U. S. internet news: acquire and write articles for the GPUS website; International Committee (IC): develops and promotes GPUS positions regard issues affecting the world: Hector Lopez, Barbara Barry, Richard Duffee, S. Michael DeRosa, Justine McCabe, Jeff Russell; Merchandizing Committee (MERCH): determines and acquires to items the GPUS; Media Committee (MC): writes GPUS press releases; Outreach (OC): interacts with other groups who may have similar interests of the GPUS; Peace (GPAX): discusses and develops strategies of how the GPUS may promote peace throughout the world: Amy Vas Nunes, S. Michael DeRosa, Jeff Russell; Platform (PC): promotes positions on issues for the GPUS which are consistent with Green Party Ten Key Values: Amy Vas Nunes, Cole Stangler, Justine McCabe and Jeff Russell; Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC): develop strategies to support any GPUS presidential candidate: Timothy McKee; Steering (SC): the 7 co-chairpersons of the GPUS which promote the GPUS (similar to an executive committee of CTGP). Black Caucus: Michelle L. Bicking; Latino Caucus; Women’ Caucus: Michelle L. Bicking.

12:45pm to 1pm: lunch.

1pm: Ballot counters: Steve Fournier,Mary Anne Davis and Christopher Reilly, started counting the mailed ballots and ballots from the attendees.

1pm to 3pm: Each of the 30 or so items in the proposed CTGP platform was read by the CTGP platform committee members: Richard Duffee and Jerry Martin. Voting: If five (5) or more objections were make to a platform item, then the item was considered rejected. If four (4) or less objections were made about a platform item, consensus of support was considered to have been achieved. Any platform suggestions (either verbal or written) were welcomed and noted. Or suggestions may be presented to: the CTGP platform committee members or CTGP officers for ongoing CTGP SCC consideration, SCC review and SCC vote. If CTGP attendees are interested in joining the CTGP platform committee, they may contact the CTGP platform members or the CTGP offices. The secretary, Barbara Barry provided full copies of the platform items. Results of attendees recommendations are noted in Addendum I.

3:05pm: Speeches by current CTGP candidates and past candidates since the 4-24-10 annual meeting: that is. Locally elected municipal CTGP members; CTGP members who ran in special and general elections after our 4-24-10 CTGP annual meeting through the present. Nicolas Payne, New Milford: I will be running again for State Representative in the November 2011 elections. Ben Holden: running for Canton Board of Selectman.

3:38pm: Suggestions from the attendees: a) Amy Vas Nunes recommended that all Executive Committee (EC) and SCC (State Central Committee) meeting continue to be taped. The following seconded/agreed with this recommendation: Charlie Pillsbury, Barbara Barry and S. Michael DeRosa. b) Tim McKee: there is a need to rebuild the Middletown and Bridgeport chapters. c) David Bedell: need to continue the consensus process; d) Justine McCabe: the CTGP needs fewer meetings. She suggested two (2) meetings a year in efforts to limit time and work in local chapters. e) Consensus: next SCC should remain as scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, 2011. f) Ken Krayeske: given that gasoline costs $4.00/gallon we should do all meetings by email. Barbara Barry: We need to continue to have face to face meetings in a timely fashion inclusive of monthly SCC meetings. Rationale: CTGP members can continue to show support of economic justice and ecological wisdom (two of 10 GP Key Values) by carpooling and/or using mass transit. Also: long standing communication and computer experts have supporting research that the most effective and professional communication is NOT by emails but rather in person. This also supports respect for diversity (a GP Key Value) for people without access to computers or computer expertise or who are not comfortable speaking in groups.

3:47pm to 3:50pm: updates/discussion with S. Michael DeRosa regarding: Green Party of CT, S. Michael DeRosa, et. al. against the State of CT’s 2005 Campaign Finance Laws. The State of CT appealed our successful lawsuit against the State of Connecticut regarding the 2005 Campaign Finance Reform laws. Their appeal was heard, 1-13-10, at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. This Appeals Court agreed to the State of CT on count I: (petitioning requirements). The initial decision was handed down by U.S. Judge Underhill on 8-28-09. Judge Underhill found that the 2005 CT Campaign Finance laws were unconstitutional i.e. the laws violated third party (and other groups) constitutional rights under the 1st Amendment (free speech) and 14th Amendment (equal protection under the law). The National Chapter of the ACLU received authorization from U.S. Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bayer Ginsberg to present papers to this Court by December 2, 2010. The ACLU has done so. The State of CT has requested a continuance until mid February 2011 from the U.S. Supreme Court. Outgoing CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal actions and the original agreement indemnifying plaintiffs from paying legal fees. SMD has received a 3-24-11 letter from our ACLU lawyer which reaffirms that the ACLU will pay case related costs.

3:50pm: Results of the internal elections are:

CTGP co-chairpersons: Ken Krakyeske, S. Michael DeRosa, Ronna Stuller, treasurer: Christopher, secretary: Patricia Kane.

CTGP representatives to the GPUS: Charlie Pillsbury, S. Michael DeRosa, Tim McKee and Jeff Russell. One position remains open for someone to fill.

GPUS International: Justine McCabe, Hector Lopez, S. Michael DeRosa;

GPUS Platform: Justine McCabe, Cole Stangler, Jeff Russell;

GPUS Ballot Access: S. Michael DeRosa;

GPUS Black Caucus: Michele Bicking;

GPUS By-laws: Amy Vas Nunes, Barbara Barry;

GPUS Dispute Resolution: Charlie Pillsbury;

GPUS Diversity: Michele Bicking and Hector Lopez;

GPUS Eco-Action: Jeff Russell and Rolf Maurer;

GPUS Women’s Caucus: Michele Bicking;

GPUS Latino Caucus: Hector Lopez. Amy Vas Nunes volunteered after results were presented.

GPUS Peace: Jeff Russell, Amy Vas Nunes, S. Michael DeRosa;


a) no beverages were served so no donation was acquired.

b) CTGP bylaws per (friendly amendment) at the 12-28-10 SCC meeting: definition of CTGP membership: The person must be an unaffiliated voter and must not have been registered with any other party affiliation during the past ninety (90) days. Or the person shall fill out and sign a CT Voter Registration form declaring enrollment in the Green Party and submit this to their town hall or to an officer of the local or state Green Party. Upon submission of such declaration, the person’s membership in the Green Party will be effective after 10 business days. Due to the CT employee holiday of Friday, April 22, 2011, ten business days prior to the 4-30-11 annual meeting was Thursday, April 14, 2011. So 4-14-11 is the deadline). Party members shall receive announcements of State Party general meetings and shall be entitled to vote when attending State Party general meetings. CTGP town committees may disallow members after questioning or vetting.