Accepted minutes from the 7PM 2-19-08 EC meeting of the Green Party of CT

Location: Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, 3240 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111 P: 860-667-0282

Attendees: Barbara Barry, Secretary, S. Michael DeRosa, a Co-chairperson and Christopher Reilly, Treasurer

Attendees developed the following agenda for 2-26-08 SCC meeting of CTGP at Portland’s Senior Center

7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT 06480 Phone: 860-342-6760 Time: 7:00PM

Facilitator: To Be Determined

A. Preliminaries:

1. (1 minute): Introductions of voting attendees; non-voting attendees; chapters; if quorum was met; timekeeper; ground rules.

2. (2-4 minutes): Approval of tonight’s proposed agenda, any deletions or additions.

3. (2-4 minutes): Review and approval of minutes of 1-29-08 SCC meeting.

4. (2-4 minutes): Review and acceptance of minutes from the 2-19-08 EC meeting.

5. (2-4 minutes): Treasurer’s report from Christopher Reilly.(have $2561 as of 2-29-08)

B. Any proposals/referendums by chapters, committee e.g. Policies and Proposals;

C. Reports:

1. (15 minutes): Development of Internal Elections Committee: at 2-25-08 SCC meeting notify members and chapters that people willing to be internal election monitors/clerks at the 4-26-08 CTGP Annual Meeting, will need to submit they names by the 3-25-08 SCC meeting. The attendees at the 3-25-08 SCC meeting will vote for whom are to be the internal elections monitor/clerk. These clerks need to be available for any active work as people arrive for the 4-26-08 CTGP Annual Meeting.

2. (15 minutes): Green Party of CT candidates: review what has been done and what needs to be done regarding CTGP petitioning for: the GPUS presidential candidate and for all CTGP candidates.

3. (10-15 minutes): GPUS reports from: Cliff Thornton, Co-chairperson of GPUS, CTGP representatives: Tim McKee and Charlie Pillsbury and National Committee Members: Amy Vas Nunes and S. Michael DeRosa.

4. (5 minutes): Political issues the GP of CT has addressed with legislators during the 2008 Legislative Session: Fight the Hike/universal health coverage.

5. (10 minutes): Summer Intern for the GP of CT: SMD had an initial meeting with Alexander Goldman, a Brandeis college student, to be a summer intern for the GP of CT for college credit.

6. (2 minutes): CT Green Times.

7. (5 minutes): Recruitment of potential candidates for state offices, Register of Voters.

8. (2 minutes): ACLU lawsuit.

9. (5 minutes): reactivate the By-law Committee; select committee members

10. (2-5 minutes, each): other Chapter reports.

11. Date, place and time for next SCC meeting 3-25-08 and date, place and time of next EC meeting in 3-08.

12. Any additions