Minutes from the 2-7-07 EC meeting of GP of CT, at Fiesta Cinco Demayo Restaurant in Willimantic

1228 Main Street, Willimantic, CT 8:05pm to 9PM P: 860-423-9509

Attendees: Co-chairpersons: Jean DeSmet and Michael DeRosa; Tresurer: Christopher Reilly, Secretary: Barbara Barry.

1. CT Green Times newspaper: MD: Eric DeVos has been sick for a few days but he is also waiting for a part to come in to fix something in the printer. Aim: send the newspaper around the 3-4-07 date. Printer has the ability to do the following which this group recommends: a) a newspaper for the streets i.e. for non-Green Party members then b) another newspaper with ballots of the candidates for the internal positions for the GP of CT, in the newspaper. “B” can be distributed to: members of the Green Party of CT and to registered Greens. State list of voters is about a year old. It can be used to cross check members in chapters. Distribution via Albert Marceau.

2. Treasurer's updates from 1-30-07 SCC Meeting from Christopher Reilly:

Chris left a phone message with the treasurer of the WFP. He has not gotten a response.

Per state regulations, GP of CT must do something with the check within 10 days of receipt…so must do so in a day or so. Vote of all four (4) officers: to decline the $1000 check from the Working Families Party (WFP) due to: the policy of the Central Committee of the GP of Ct is only to accept donations from individuals. In light of this policy, Chris will return the check to the WFP. Chris will also include information that: the policy of not accepting PAC donations does not extend to the Green Party of CT candidates. Each GP of CT candidate is free to set his or her own policy regarding such donations.

3. Any bylaws committee proposal: no.

4. ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT "campaign finance reform" law: ACLU, which is the law firm for this suit, has a potential conflict of interest:

The ACLU wanted to get some immigration information/resources from the law firm which represents The Motion to Intervene (i.e. CCAG, Common Cause and Thomas Sevigny.

ACLU is allowing GP of CT to tell ACLU if GP of CT believes this is a conflict of interest. Vote: NO conflict of interest: JdS and MD and CR. Yes is a conflict: BB

5. GPUS updates: MD to do the survey from the GPUS which is due 2-14-07.

6. CTGP website: Cameroon gave keys to Eric DeVos.

7. Place for 2-27-07 SCC meeting: New Haven if the chapter can arrange it or the default location: Portland or Middletown…wherever Vic can arrange it.

8. Place of next EC meeting scheduled for 3-6-07 in Glastonbury area.