Minutes of the 2-13-06 EC meeting.

Location: Office of the Greater Hartford Green Party, 418-A New Britain Avenue, Hartford, CT.

Time: 7:15pm to 7:30pm

Attendees: Mike DeRosa, Co-chairperson of CTGP; Barbara Barry, secretary of CTGP.
Absent: Judy Herkimer, Treasurer of CTGP.
2 co-chairpersons resigned in 11-05.
Observers: none.

Need to formulate the agenda for next SCC meeting on the last Tuesday of February i.e. 2-28-06.

Site: Mike to contact Vic Lancia of Central chapter regarding getting a facility.

Facilitator and timekeeper: to be determined.

Identify attendees who are not voting representatives.

Adopt ground rules.

Approval of the proposed agenda, any additions or deletions.

Treasurer's reports of: October, November, December and January and 3rd and 4th quarter reports sent to the Secretary of States office, elections committee.

Clarify if a check from the treasurer has been sent to Chris Reilly as approved by the SCC in 11-05.

Clarify how we can guarantee that our CTGP treasurer will respond in a timely fashion for payment for the convention mailing. It is unknown if our CTGP treasurer is aware of the convention and mailing. Was an e-mail sent by the Internal Elections Committee (Jean deSmet) to the treasurer regarding this?

Approval of 1-31-06 SCC meeting minutes.

Approval of 2-13-06 EC meeting minutes.

Chapter reports.

Internal Election Committee:

Should brief information about the state-wide candidates be sent with the ballot for potential endorsement? The ballot will also allow CTGP members to vote for internal CTGP officers. Who will write the fundraising request and who will sign it. Traditionally, it has been signed by the co-chairpersons. However, we only have one co-chairperson.

Women's Caucus to discuss the facilitator training that was provided in November 2005.

V.O.T.E.R. about the 2-15-06 meeting at noon with CT Senator DeFonza, D-New Britain in the LOB (legislative office building), Room 2200 re: possible revisions to the recently passed "campaign finance reform" (CFR) regulation.

Potential speaker: if any potential CTGP candidate for state-wide slate.

Anti-war rally on 3-18-06 in places like New Haven and Hartford. Should we march en masse?

No proposals have been sent to the secretary, as of today.