Accepted minutes of the March 3, 2015 EMERGENCY EC telephonic meeting at 6:30PM.  GPCT EC attendees:  co-chairpersons: Linda Thompson and S. Michael DeRosa; Treasurer: Christopher Reilly and secretary, Barbara Barry. Absent: Rolf Maurer, co-chairperson due to a prior commitment.

NOTE: at the 2-2-15 EC meeting and the 2-16-15 SCC meeting, there was consensus for the GPCT to co-sponsor the “True Colors” event. Situation: $250 is needed in order for the GPCT to table at the “True Colors” event.

Consensus: authorize $50 from the GPCT for the March 20-21, 2015 “True Colors” event at UCONN Storrs campus. BAB and SMD stated that they spoke with Rolf Maurer, another GPCT co-chairperson, a couple of hours ago. He stated he would not be able to attend this emergency EC meeting due to a prior commitment. He further stated he supported the GPCT authorization of $50 for the ‘True Colors” event.   He also stated he would personally support the “True Colors” event with his personal $25. LT stated she would provide her personal $25 to support “True Colors”.

See the below emails from between Emily Garfinkel and Barbara Barry.

BAB notified Baird Welch-Collins by phone at 7PM of all of the above.

Submitted by Barbara A. Barry, GPCT secretary.

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Cc: Baird Collins; A S MICHAEL DEROSA; Rolf Maurer; Linda Thompson; Chris Reilly
Subject: Re: EMERGENCY EC telephonic meeting tonight 3-3-15 at 6:30pm re: the "True Colors" conference.


Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately I will be at work until 9pm, so I will not be able to make the call. Baird will let me know what the updates are and we can get this done ASAP.




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Dear Linda, Rolf, Chris, Emily and Baird.

The Mike and I are proposing an emergency EC meeting tonight at 6:30 pm to address the issue that Emily presented in the below email. 

At our 2-16-15 SCC meeting, the attendees affirmed that the GPCT would co-sponsor the True Colors event...which people but not the GPCT, have tabled at in the past. Problem: the EC can only authorize up to $50 for anything. Any expense greater than $50 can only be made by the SCC.  However, Emily and Baird need an answer ASAP. We need to address this at 6:39 pm tonight. If Emily and Baird participate at the meeting that would be great. I have already sent out notices throughout NE inviting people to this event which the "GPCT is co-sponsoring".


Barbara Barry and Mike DeRosa


On Mar 3, 2015, at 1:02 PM, Emily Garfinkel <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:

I talked with one of the coordinators at True Colors, and even though we are considered political, we would still have to go ahead with the $250 fee for the two days and fill out the application. If we are able to do so, we would need to fill out the application ASAP while there is still space. Let me know what you guys think so we can know how to go forward.