Accepted  minutes of the March 19, 2014 EC telephonic meeting at 7:36PM.  Attending officers: co-chairpersons: Allan Brison of Hamden and S. Michael DeRosa of Greater Hartford chapter; treasurer: Christopher Reilly of Greater Hartford chapter and Barbara Barry, Greater Hartford chapter.   Absent: Linda Thompson, Greater Norwich chapter due to death of her spouse.

Discussed the following and developed the below agenda for the 3-26-14 SCC meeting:

  • CR paid for & received the 3.4.14 voter registration list from the Secretary of the State’s Office;  the design of the ballot to be mailed for GPCT officers will depend on whether offices are contested or  uncontested; will also need to decide if the bylaw suggestions from the GPCT Bylaw Committee will be included in mailing.  Current balance: $1266.57
  • BAB suggested agenda for the 5-3-14 Annual Meeting:  set up tables and merchandise to sell and literature from 11am to noon;   introduction of attendees to each other; review of GPCT activities in past year and ongoing plans; candidates statements; Q&A off candidates by attendees;  bylaw suggestions from the Bylaw Committee;  break for potluck food and beverages; Speaker e.g. the CT Siting Commission will not authorize windmills in CT;  CT Senate Bill: 237: supports the depositing in CT of the gas shale that was dug up in PA and NY while doing fracking;  top 3 to 5 suggestions from attendees of concerns and future activities of the GPCT; results of the balloting. Clean up and leave the Portland Senior Center no later than 5PM. Need: facilitator and need volunteers to validate handed in and mailed ballots and to count ballots.

BAB has spoken with Phil Dooley and G. Scott Deshefy. They agree to connect with one another for exchange of environmental information and for possible use by the GPCT Media Committee.  

  • AB: is trying to get  a speaker and organize a fundraiser against TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).
  • SMD: received a call from the Justice Party asking if the GPCT would be interested in co-sponsoring a conference with them on Saturday, 3-29-14 at CCSU with the keynote speaker: Christopher Hedges (Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author of 12 books). Title:  One Nation-Under Surveillance: Building Networks of Solidarity in Defiance of NSA Spying & the Erosion of Democratic Rights. Consensus: emergency EC authorization of $50 to co-sponsor this event. This also entitles us to: speak at one workshop and also to table at the event.
  • SMD:  CT Representative from Ledyard:  is interested having the GPCT spoken to legislatures after this year’s session.
  • Consensus:  no SCC meeting prior to the 5-3-14 GPCT annual meeting.

Proposed agenda for the 3-26-14 SCC meeting:

1.  Review and approve the minutes of the: a) 2-26-14 SCC meeting; and b) accept the minutes of the:  3-19-14 EC meeting.

2.  Treasurer's report from Christopher Reilly.

3.  Secretary’s report from Barbara Barry.

4.  Reports from our three (3) representatives to the GPUS:  Linda Thompson, Tim McKee and S. Michael DeRosa.

5.  Any proposals/resolutions from chapters or from five CTGP Members or from the EC.  

6.  Discuss the Saturday, May 3, 2014 GPCT Annual Meeting and Internal Elections.  Offices to be filled: 3 for co-chairperson, one for treasurer, one for secretary; 3 members to the GPUS; GPCT representatives to each national committee: (see agenda item # 15).   Mode of notification; request for donations?; updated GPCT mailing list( see #10 of this agenda); volunteers for the Internal Elections Committee to check hand-in ballots at annual meeting; volunteers to design ballot and mail  ballots; volunteer to set up rooms; deadline for candidates to come forward and deadline for providing candidate statements is the close of this meeting tonight; facilitator; and agenda: 11am to Noon: set up tables: for the selling of GPCT merchandise( T-shirts, books, historical posters), handouts and socialization; Noon: facilitator to review agenda; attendees to introduce themselves; review of GPCT activities for the past 12 months; candidate statements; Q & A of candidates; Voting for candidates; Break for potluck food and beverages; review of suggested bylaw changes by the Bylaw Committee; Attendees to provide feedback about future focus; update who will volunteer to represent the GPCT to other organizations with similar agendas and report to the GPCT;  Internal Election Committee report of ballot results; breakdown tables and clean up; depart from build no later than 5pm.

7. Update of GPCT Mailing List: GPCT has the March 4th 2014 Secretary of the State Voter Registration List. Chapters need to provide their updated GPCT list including emails to Barbara Barry.


8. GPCT fundraising with possible speakers: a) Adam Hughes and Joanne Sheehan of Hands off Appalachia ( on hold pending their availability. This organization has demonstrated against UBS’ financing of mountaintop removal in the affected states (including Stamford, CT) over Thanksgiving and is supported by Dan Fischer and Capitalism vs. the Climate.   b) Redshirt and Eleanor Omani, founders (along with Richard Duffee) of the American-Iranian Friendship Committee is on hold pending their availability.(; for a fundraiser to discuss the current state and history of American-Iranian relations. They are both lively and scholarly speakers and frequently travel back and forth between the two countries.  c) Harvey Wasserman, anti-nuclear activist since at least Three Mile Island event…for two fundraising events: Waterford, CT chapter is seeking a site for one event and Fairfield chapter is seeking a site that would also be fairly accessible to New York Green Party members and others;  Mr. Wasserman has agreed to come pending logistics. d) request donations from GPCT members in ballot, at fundraisers, sponsored events and activists.

9. Presented by the GPCT: a) Stamford Chapter: Moving Beyond Reaction to Reason, Mental Health and School Safety After Sandy Hook; Saturday, 3-29-14 from 1:30PM to 3:30PM at The Ferguson Library-Harry Bennett Branch, 115 Vine Road, Stamford, CT, 06905,  203/351-8292.Presented by: Parents for Label & Drug Free Education.  Sheila Matthews,a CT parent, is a co-founder of this nationally recognized non-profit organization. She regularly testifies at state and federal levels in defense of youth mental health freedom and also has been featured in TIME (9-10-11) and has appeared on CNN, Fox, as well as numerous radio stations throughout the country.

And b) The Justice Party of CT and the GPCT are co-sponsoring: One Nation-Under Surveillance:  Building Networks of Solidarity in Defiance of NSA Spying & the Erosion of Democratic Rights.    

Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 10AM. 9AM registration: $25 or $10 for the unemployed. GPCT and others will be tabling at 9AM.  At CCSU (Central CT State University), Torp Theater, Davidson Hall, 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT            

Keynote Speaker: Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist: Christ  Hedges.

Workshops: Criminalizing Communities of Color and The System of Mass Incarceration; Don’t Deport My Mother: The Fight to Stop Deportation Today; Entrapment, Surveillance, and the So-called War on Terror; The Fight Against Domestic Surveillance Drones Takes Off!; Labor, War and Free Speech-World War; Civil Liberties Legislative Agenda in CT; Do Women Have the Right to Study Unmolested?              Consensus: emergency EC authorization of $50 to co-sponsor this event.  

For more information: Justice Party Connecticut (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )     

10. Updates regarding: a) from the Waterford Chapter: literature to make Millstone nuclear power plants in Waterford, CT safer. b) literature promoting renewable energy (sun, wind and geothermal) and the minimization of nuclear, coal, oil and gas energy;  c) opposition to: fracking, the Keystone XL pipeline and expansion of the Algonquin Natural Gas Pipeline in: CT, NY, NJ, MA and RI. Here's a link to the Spectra Energy description of the project: 

11. a) Need additional volunteers for GPCT legislative agenda actions: energy (e.g. anti-fracking, anti-nuclear and for renewable energy such as wind, sun and geothermal); ballot access; healthcare inclusive of Medicare and other suggestions. b) David Bedell regarding complaint to SEEC regarding lack of counting of write-in votes in the randomly selected CT towns of: Hartford, Bridgeport, New Canaan, Seymour, Stamford and West Haven. S. Michael DeRosa report about his meetings and contacts with CT state legislatures.

12.  GPCT is seeking candidates for the November 4th 2014 offices for:  governor, lt. governor, treasurer, Congressional Districts: 1 and 2; State Senate and state representatives.

13. Suggestions from the GPCT Bylaws Committee from members:  Rolf Maurer, Cora Santaguida, Christopher Reilly, Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa and Jeffry Larson.  

14. Update about mesh.

15. Reports from CTGP members to the (GPUS) National Committees.

Accreditation (AC): reviews state chapter which petitions to join the GPUS; reviews criteria for state delegates to GPUS annual meetings and conventions.                                

Annual National Meeting (ANMC):  working on the 2014 GPUS Annual Meeting: Tim McKee and John Went.

Ballot Assess (BA): discussion of efforts/difficulties/strategies/successes of the state Green Parties gaining ballot access:  S. Michael DeRosa & Edward Schwing.  

Black Caucus:                                                 

Bylaws, Rules, Polices Procedure (BRPP): for the GPUS officers and national committees: Amy Vas Nunes.

Coordination Campaign (CCC): distribution of GPUS money to Green Party public office candidates.

Dispute Resolution (DRC):  mediation of any disputes within the GPUS organization:           

Diversity (DC):  strategies and actions to urge/maximize diversity within the GPUS: Linda Thompson. 

Eco Action (EA): develop strategies for the GPUS regarding ecological matters.              

Finance (FinCom): review  and determine how to spend the money of the  GPUS organization

Fundraising (FC): raises money for the GPUS operations.                                      

Green Party of the US internet news: acquire and write articles for the GPUS website.

International Committee (IC): develops/promotes GPUS positions regarding  world  issues.  Hector Lopez, Justine McCabe and S. Michael DeRosa. 

Latino Caucus:  Hector Lopez.                                      

Merchandizing Committee (MERCH): determines and acquires items for the GPUS.  Rolf Maurer and Hector Lopez.                

Media Committee (MC): writes GPUS press releases.                                             

Outreach (OC): interacts with other groups who may have similar interests of the GPUS: Linda Thompson.       

Peace (GPAX): discusses/develops strategies of how the GPUS may promote peace throughout  the world: Hector Lopez and S. Michael DeRosa.

Platform (PC): promotes positions on issues for the GPUS which are consistent with Green Party Ten Key Values:  Justine McCabe  and Amy Vas Nunes.

Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC):  develop strategies to support any GPUS presidential candidates. Timothy McKee.

Women’s Caucus:  Martha Kelly. 

16.   a) GPCT chapter development: reactivation of the Greater New Haven chapter on 1-9-14 after 18 months of inactivity;  b) other chapter reports: Fairfield, Greater Hartford, Greater Norwich, New London, from the new Waterford, CT chapter and c) written approved minutes to the CTGP secretary/EC members.

17.  Selection of the date, time and site of the next SCC meeting.  The last Tuesday in April is  4-29-14. While the GPCT Annual Meeting is 4 days later on Saturday, May 3, 2014. The EC recommends that that next SCC meeting be determined by the May 3rd elected EC members. Note: Memorial Day is Monday, May 26, 2014.

 18.   Other suggestions.