Green Party of Connecticut Executive Committee 
Telephonic meeting - Friday, November 24, 2017
In attendance: Mike DeRosa, Emily Garfinkel, Chris Reilly, Baird Welch-Collins, Ronna Stuller (recorder) 
Start time 12:02pm.
1. Proposed agenda for the November 30 SCC meeting was discussed and approved; it is attached below.
2. Creation of a Bylaws Committee will be tabled until we have had the chance to review the existing bylaws and have a better understanding of the needs and goals for amending them; we will revisit the issue in January.
3. It was agreed that December meeting options, including Linda’s offer to host a house party, should be discussed at our SCC meeting rather than by EC only. Ronna will send out a poll on January–March meeting day preferences, to aid in scheduling those meetings as well.
4. There was a discussion on GPCT Decorum Policy, including the importance of differentiating between individuals and their messages, what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate behavior, and what actions can be taken to ensure that meetings are comfortable for all attendees.
5. There was a discussion about the many issues that come up for Green (and other minor party) candidates in Connecticut, some of which had relevance in this year’s municipal elections; exploration of our goals, strategies, challenges, values, and future plans related to campaigning will continue at the SCC meeting.
End time 12:36pm.