May 25, 2008

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Burbank promises Bush war crimes investigation

CANTON, CT—Human rights attorney Harold H. Burbank II has been selected as the Connecticut Green Party's 5th Congressional District candidate to run against incumbent Democrat Christopher Murphy and Republican David Cappiello in the November general election.

The northwest Connecticut Green Party held a regional selection meeting on Friday, May 23, in New Milford. Members unanimously voted Burbank as the candidate.

"I want to thank Green Party members in the Fifth District, throughout Connecticut, and across the country for supporting my candidacy," Burbank said afterwards. "I have never run for office. It is gratifying and energizing to see so many people from different backgrounds--Democrats, Republicans, Independents, young, old, the entire American demographic--respond so positively to Green Party values and my campaign. The American people know the major parties have gotten the country into deep trouble. Voters are looking for real change, real patriotism, and real hope. I intend to offer them these."

Burbank is supported by human rights activists Ralph Nader and Daniel Ellsberg with whom he has volunteered for human rights projects. The Burbank campaign is formally endorsed by former Star Wars Director Dr. Robert Bowman (USAF Lt. Col, ret.), commander of "The Patriots," a 22,000-member US veterans peace group, and University of Illinois law professor Dr. Francis A. Boyle, renowned human rights attorney and legal scholar.

"Harold Burbank is in the vanguard of progressive law and politics today," said Dr. Boyle. "I encouraged him to run, and he has. He works tirelessly and at no cost on human rights cases critical to American and international peace law. I am pleased to endorse him."

Burbank holds two degrees in international relations and a law degree. He was hired by then Connecticut Attorney General Joe Lieberman out of law school and served under him as an Assistant Attorney General for Public Utilities and Public Works. Subsequently he has served as Penobscot Indian Nation Director of Human Services (Maine), and Maine Assistant Attorney General for Child Protection. His professional public service work in Connecticut alone spans 20 years including working in Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's Bridgeport-based Child Support Office.

Since 2003 he has had a private law practice in Canton, Connecticut specializing in human rights law. His clients have ranged from Connecticut's indigent parents who owe child support, to Army Lt. Ehren Watada and other US servicepeople seeking redress for Iraq war injustices. He successfully defended Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader in a lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee aimed at keeping Nader off the ballot in Maine in 2004. Burbank's main passion is his anti-war work.

"I was motivated to run because in September, 2007, Chris Murphy told me publicly at his New Britain forum on Iraq that despite the Bush administration being the most impeachable regime in US history, he would not support impeachment. He still does not support impeachment. This is outrageous."

According to Burbank, as lawyers he and Murphy swore oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. "Chris took this oath again when he became a congressman. He has defiled that oath by failing to support impeachment. My campaign will hold him accountable."

"The Bush regime is conducting criminal wars of aggression and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and threatening a nuclear war in Iran. Except for a very few in Congress, Representatives like Chris Murphy have not only done nothing about these criminal wars but are accessories to them by consistently voting to fund them," Burbank said. "If we want peace, Congress must uphold and defend a higher legal and moral standard."

Murphy still has time to help save Congress from a legacy of disaster, Burbank said.

"Otherwise, Chris will join those in Congress whose legacy will be the genocide of millions of Middle East civilians, deaths of thousands of soldiers, permanent irradiation of the Middle East environment, profound US debt, endless Mideast war, criminalization of our military, and contempt for our country around the world. I have the legal background and the moral and political will to change all of that from day one in office, so our children will not forever suffer the consequences of such unconscionable policies."

Burbank has been married to Winsted kindergarten teacher Marianne Burbank for 28 years. They live in Canton with their two teenaged children.

Burbank can be contacted for meetings, events, comments, and donations, via his campaign website at or at 860-693-2687.

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