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February 14, 2007

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Connecticut Greens Would Welcome Nader and Former Black Panther Elaine Brown to 2008 Presidential Run

HARTFORD, CT -- State Green Party leaders welcomed the news that home state past Green Party nominee Ralph Nader is considering another Presidential run in 2008 and that former Black Panther Party leader Elaine Brown is close to announcing her run for the Green Party nomination.

"Along with two other Green Party candidates who have already announced, the Greens have a great pool of candidates," Co-Chair Jean de Smet said..

"The 2008 Green Party Presidential nomination is an open process with Kat Swift, a Green from Texas, and Nan Garrett, of Georgia running so far, but if Nader were to run his support would be strong, too" explained Tim McKee, who is on the Green National Committee.

He added "Some Greens want a new candidate for President such as Elaine Brown and we welcome those new candidates to come to Connecticut and make their case. We have an open and democratic process for choosing our 2008 candidate."

At last year's National Committee meeting, Greens voted for a full "all out" Presidential race in 2008, McKee added. Many Greens think a goal of 5% in 2008 with millions of matching funds as a reward for that goal for the Greens would be historic and really put the new party on the political map. McKee said, "You can ask almost any Green and they will tell you they won't be voting for Democrat or Republican candidates."

"With almost 3 million national votes and over 65,000 Greens voters in Connecticut in 2000, The Green vote totals show a strong interest in political reform, anti-war and single-payer national health care system issues, which we feel only Greens will address." McKee added.

Greens added they hoped any candidate would decide about running soon because of the many different ballot access laws in other states that would take many volunteer hours. Connecticut Presidential ballot access requires 7,500 valid signatures which have been met by the Greens in past state and federal races.