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Let Cliff Debate! New Thornton Ad Demands Inclusion in Debates

October 17, 2006

HARTFORD, CT -- Green Party gubernatorial candidate Cliff Thornton has purchased a 30-second ad spot on WVIT-30 to run adjacent to the televised gubernatorial debate Wednesday night. This is the first time the Thornton and the Connecticut Green Party have ever purchased airtime, and the ad will run either at 6:59 pm or 7:59 pm, directly before or directly after the debate, according to NBC-30 sales rep David Aston. The ad decries Thornton's exclusion from the televised debates, and calls for Thornton's inclusion. Voters and the press can preview the 30-second spot here.

The ad features footage from the 75 Green Party protesters outside the debate at Garde Center for the Arts in New London Oct. 9, calling for justice for their candidate. Since the upcoming debate Wednesday night takes place without a studio audience, on private property, and in an area directly at the bottom of a highway exit ramp without sidewalks, Thornton said he did not want to call a protest as it will be dark and unsafe for a pedestrian protest.

"There was no other way for our voice to be heard," Thornton said. "While I am generally opposed to renting the public airwaves, and this ad is expensive at $3,300 for 30 seconds, we have to tell the general public that the two parties actively suppress free speech."

Thornton is challenging Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Democratic challenger Mayor John DeStefano to bring the debate to the people, particularly students.

"Why is the debate in a locked studio where people are not allowed?" Thornton asked. "We have such trouble bringing youth into the political world, why not host the debate at Central Connecticut State University? I will be speaking there Wednesday at 8 p.m., and I invite Mayor DeStefano and Gov. Rell to meet me there. Why are they so afraid of what I have to say?"

In a televised appearance with NBC-30 reporter Tom Monahan Sunday morning, Thornton challenged Monahan, who is moderating the debate, to ask the candidates why they have excluded Thornton.

"We are waiting to see if Mr. Monahan will live up to his journalistic responsibilities. The major parties do not deserve a free pass on this," Thornton said. "Keeping me out of the debates hurts every voter in the state. We need to have at least two more debates with all candidates to properly inform voters of the problems and solutions."

Thornton is calling for voters to pressure Rell and DeStefano to schedule more debates. For more information, contact Ken Krayeske at 860-995-5842 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.