Green Party of Connecticut

Thornton for Governor

October 06, 2006

Contact: campaign manager Ken Krayeske, 860-995-5842

Thornton Campaign to Protest Debates Green Gubernatorial Candidate calls for Demonstrations

HARTFORD -- The Thornton for Governor campaign will protest its exclusion from the televised statewide debates with a mass demonstration outside of the Garde Theatre in New London, starting at 6 p.m, Monday, Oct. 9.

"The only way to address this grave injustice is to protest and demonstrate, loudly and non-violently," Green Party gubernatorial candidate Cliff Thornton said. "We want peace, so we will work through peaceful means. While the two parties and their servants in the business world have tried to silence our rights to free speech, they cannot obstruct our right to peaceably assemble. So we plan to gather, and gather in the largest numbers the Connecticut Green Party has ever seen."

Thornton has tickets for the debates, and will attempt to enter the Garde Theatre with these tickets. The Thornton for Governor campaign will live blog the debate from the home of a local New London supporter. There Green Party is forming carpools to New London from Willimantic, New Haven and Hartford.

"We respect the institution of the debates," Thornton said, "but we need to demonstrate to the two party system that we will not take this sitting down. The Republicans and the Democrats have lied and trampled our rights to free speech."