Connecticut Green Party Press Release

For Immediate Release: 1 August 2005

Green Congressional Candidate Begins Citizen Conversations in the 5th District

Bill C. Davis opens Green Campaign for Democracy with a public reading of "Green Dialogues," invites fellow citizens to "step in and step up" to work for the common good.

Kent, CT – Litchfield County playwright Bill C. Davis invites the public to a reading of his "Green Dialogues" on Saturday, August 6, 8:00 P.M., Kent Town Hall, just off Main St. (Rte. 7), Kent. Using the "Dialogues" as a signature campaign tool, Green Party Congressional Candidate Davis calls on fellow citizens to take back their government from unrestrained corporate interests that finance elections and increasingly determine policy.

"Representative government is on the auction and chopping block." Mr. Davis said. "If we tell the world and ourselves that we are government of, by and for the people, then that’s what we have to be."

Mr. Davis, well-known for plays like "Avow," "Dancing in the End Zone," "Wrestlers" and the Broadway hit, "Mass Appeal," which became a film starring Jack Lemmon, regularly writes political and cultural essays for the internet news service Dissatisfied with the growing merger and hidden agendas of the two main political parties, Mr. Davis joined the Green Party.

"The campaign will take no corporate money. We oppose the current electoral system that underwrites reckless policies motivated by corporate dictates rather than the needs of the people. We urge voters in the 2006 election for our national representatives to be guided by the voting records of incumbents and sources of campaign contributions of all candidates. We also ask citizens to participate in helping to frame and promote the priorities for the infrastructure of the Fifth District – priorities that will improve the health and well-being of ourselves, our environment and our neighbors."

Mr. Davis wrote his "Dialogues" to encourage ongoing conversation and debate among citizens as a way to enliven and transform a system that seems to have lost active citizen participation.

"Is the bounty of this country dedicated to the common good? It’s a question we need to ask daily," he said. "We’ve chosen August 6—Hiroshima Day—to initiate these conversations. Our Green Campaign seeks to transform this day from symbolizing the destructiveness of human invention into one marking a reach for the opposite – for life in every sense." Mr. Davis continued, "Instead of military violence, insults to the environment and short-sighted expansion, we seek peaceful conflict resolution, promotion of wellness, safe water, air and food—federal support of mass transit and renewable energy, publicly-funded health insurance and a sustainable environment for everyone now and for future generations. We look to engage American creativity in the political process. If we see government as an art form as well as a business, the rewards for all citizens will be self-evident and energizing."

The Bill C. Davis Campaign invites others to gather with him under the banner of the Green Party to begin the protracted and difficult grassroots effort of taking back government from those who have appropriated it for purposes that increasingly marginalize and jeopardize the people they are meant to serve:


"We are a group of American citizens who feel we’ve lost contact with our government, our future and the future of all children. Standing on the sideline is not possible anymore."


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