Nancy Burton for State Representative

District 135 (Easton - Weston - part of Redding)


"The consequences of flying a plane into Millstone are potentially far, far more catastrophic than Chernobyl.It would probably devastate the state of Connecticut times five" -- Nancy Burton, an attorney representing the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone (Connecticut Post, November 18, 2001)


Why Iím Running to Represent You in the
Connecticut State House of Representatives


Connecticut, the Constitution State, once the respected land of steady habits, has fallen into a steady decline.


Earlier this year, the Governor was run out of office after 9Ĺ years of abuse of the public trust. By then, state government had declined so severely that financial contributors to the former Governor found that with a telephone call to the right political operative, an innocent person could be arrested.(Hartford Courant, April 30, 2004)


During the ex-Governorís term, big energy companies bullied towns in our state into accepting unneeded, unsafe and aesthetically scarring high transmission lines through our residential neighborhoods.


During the former Governorís term, we lost thousands of acres of farmland and many of our dairy farms. Suburban sprawl took off on a gallop to blight many of our most scenic landscapes.


During the former Governorís term, your tax money promoted tourism at the dirty and unsafe Millstone Nuclear Power Station while urban schools were deprived of the means to provide quality education.


During the former Governorís term, it took years for citizen activists to overcome his political power and commitment to keep obsolete power plants belching soot, mercury, sulfur dioxide and greenhouse gases into our air.


During the former Governorís term, our capital city of Hartford remained among the worst cities in America in terms of urban poverty and hardship, ranking just behind Detroit, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey.


So many shenanigans have lately come to light that The New York Times has taken to calling our state ďCorrupticut.Ē


Was the former Governor so clever that he was able to accomplish so much mischief over so many years alone? Of course not! He had many helpers. Together, they disregarded the checks and balances which the framers of the Constitution knew were necessary to restrain the natural inclination of the powerful to lose perspective of the fact that they are elected to serve the people.


Elect Nancy Burton! She is dedicated to serving You the People.





What people say about Nancy Burton:



"People's Action for Clean Energy honors Attorney Nancy Burton for her tremendous and successful legal efforts to protect the citizens of Connecticut and all living things from the ravages of chemical and nuclear emissions"


"Toxics Action Center and the participants of Toxics Action 2003 recognize Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone for outstanding work to promote and protect the health and safety of our communities."





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