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David Bedell for Constable, City of Stamford, 2005

What is a Constable?  In Connecticut, a Constable has the same duties, within the boundaries of a town, as a State Marshal:  serving (giving copies of) legal papers to the people named in a lawsuit.  (This role was also fulfilled by County Sheriffs until that office was abolished in 2000.)

  • Reliable and Efficient

  • Process service throughout Stamford:
    - Writs
    - Subpoenas
    - Summons and Complaints
    - Delinquent Child Support Payments

  • Four-season delivery by bicycleŚclean,
    quiet, and unthreatening

  • No firearms carried or needed


NOTE:  Will not serve unfair foreclosure and eviction notices,
or service related to eminent domain abuse.



Connecticut Legal Services

Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut

Connecticut Child Support Enforcement

Connecticut Bicycle Coalition

Stamford Area Bike Shops

Bikes on Board Stamford Buses

ENDORSED BY: Bruce Stevens & Colin McEnroe, WTIC News Talk 1080