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Trish Haines Dayan for Board of Education, Stamford 2005

Board of Education Candidate Forum
Wednesday, Oct. 19, 7-9 PM
Bennett Branch of the Ferguson Library
(115 Vine Road, Stamford)
Sponsored by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce
and the Ferguson Library.

Trish has lived in Stamford for over 30 years, working for community agencies,
and with the Stamford public school system and their Young Parents
Program. She is currently a psychotherapist in private practice, where
people's concerns for their children are major topics. Her two stepchildren
are graduates of Westhill High School. Trish has an MSW from Bryn Mawr
College and an MBA from the University of CT. She is a Justice of the Peace
for civil unions and marriages in CT. Her husband, Raymond, is retired and
very active in Stamford community volunteer activities.

I believe that teachers are key to an excellent school system, and as such
must be ensured a supportive, creative environment, as well as excellent
salaries and benefits. Teachers should be a strong participant in decisions
regarding health and pension benefits. As a School Board member, I would
place emphasis on an administrative system that enables teachers to do their
best work for the children. With a new Superintendent, it is essential that the
Board make their priorities known and oversee his progress toward those goals.

As a Green Party member, I believe that our key points are very much in line
with what makes an effective public school system. For example:

  • Equal opportunities for all. No Child Left Behind laws are aimed at equalizing educational opportunities for all children, but in their implementation are too expensive, unclear, and often unrealistic.
  • Utilization of financial resources for quality education as key
    to a vibrant, just, peaceful, caring society
  • Grassroots involvement, especially of parents and teachers
  • Consensus-building

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