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Hector Lopez for Constable, New Canaan 2007

Hector was born in Puerto Rico in 1942 and arrived in the U.S. in 1956. He has lived 35 years in New York City and 16 years in New Canaan. Hector set up a number of small businesses and has volunteered in the New Canaan High School and the Saxe Middle School libraries.

A U.S. Army veteran, Hector has participated in the antiwar movement during Viet Nam and during the present war in Iraq. He believes that diplomacy with justice and respect for the sovereignty of nations, including his home country of Puerto Rico, is the course to be followed by our government. He has participated in activities to promote better benefits for veterans and better environmental policies. He has worked on several local initiatives to protect open space and to close Indian Point nuclear plant.

In addition to politics, Hector loves Puerto Rican danzas, Italian music, Hungarian rhapsodies, and waltzes, both European and Puerto Rican style. He belongs to a choir in New York City.

Hector was elected Constable in 2005 and hopes you will re-elect him to serve another term representing the people of New Canaan.

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