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(District 135 includes Easton, Weston, and part of Redding--see map)




Gabriel Rossi has worked as an instructional designer and media consultant in K-12 and at Columbia and Yale universities; he is currently the Director of Faculty Affairs at the Yale School of Management. Gabriel is a graduate of UCONN and presently resides in Easton with his wife and family.




I am running for Connecticut State Representative of the 135th District to preserve the character and identity of our towns while advocating for broader policies that reflect the priorities we share: a commitment to the wellness and education of our children, a deep concern for our environment and open space, and an unwavering belief that responsible businesses are what’s needed to build a robust economy in our state.


Why vote Green? For starters, because what’s good for the earth is also good for our wallets. To reduce, reuse, and recycle is to save. Fiscal responsibility is more than just rhetoric in our party—it’s a way of life. Secondly, because what’s good for the earth is also good for our families. Supporting the wellness of our families through exercise and healthy food programs—including the promotion and use of clean and open space, school gardens, and locally grown and organic foods—is critical to keeping our citizens happy, healthy and well-prepared to work and learn. Lastly, because what’s good for the earth is also good for our communities. Public-Private-Community partnerships that keep local money local and acknowledge the culture and ecology of our towns are our best bet for a strong and sustainable future.


As a resident of Fairfield County for more than twenty years, I care deeply about Connecticut’s people and values. I’ve worked closely with libraries, museums, schools, and hospitals to serve the children and families of our state. I’ve also worked closely with small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs to modernize processes and spark innovation. Articulating needs and crafting thoughtful solutions is what I do best. With your vote, I’ll put those same skills to work in Hartford, with an attentive ear and an independent voice.


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