(District 36 includes Greenwich and parts
of Stamford and New Canaan--see map)


Candidate statement:


My name is Ed Heflin and I am pursuing the Senate Seat for District 36 (Greenwich, New Canaan, and Stamford, a.k.a. "Connecticut's Banking District") to bring "Green" to Hartford and prosperity back to Connecticut through healthy local economies, new jobs, and new revenue for local infrastructure and public priorities via a Public Banking Platform.


What is Public Banking? It is Democratic Banking at its most fundamental level to return financial health, wealth, and prosperity to the people of Main Street!

private banking

public banking


Who am I? I'm a Wall Street consultant, an entrepreneur, and academic bringing my 15+ years of Wall Street experience to Main Street, to the people of Main Street, where it belongs! I hold six university degrees including an MBA, an MS in Computational Finance, and a PhD in Physics.


And since I'm one of the co-coordinators for Public Banking in the State of Connecticut, there is none better suited to bring "Green" to Hartford and prosperity back to Connecticut through Public Banking. For more information, please refer to our open public banking websites:




Contact: (646) 625-9565, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Campaign web site, Facebook


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