Connecticut (29 candidates, 12 elected)

Jean de Smet for Mayor, Windham  
2nd/4 for one seat; 1,081 votes, 36.59%

Joseph DeGregorio for Town Council, New Milford
14th/15 for nine seats; 1,513 votes, 3.11%

Dagmar Noll for Town Council, Willimantic
2nd/5 for three seats; 771 votes, 25.35% ELECTED

Corey Krohn for Town Council, Windham

5th/5 for two seats; 316  votes, 13.29%

Andrew Frascarelli for Representative Town Meeting, District 1, Waterford
1st/8 for five seats; 415 votes ELECTED
Received 162 votes on Green Party ballot line, 253 on Democratic ballot line.

Baird Welch-Collins for Representative Town Meeting, District 2, Waterford
5th/9 for five seats; 374 votes ELECTED

Carl D'Amato for Representative Town Meeting, District 4, Waterford
1st/8 for six seats; 415 votes ELECTED

Received 241 votes on Green Party ballot line, 395 on Democratic ballot line.

Joshua Steele Kelly for Representative Town Meeting, District 3, Waterford
1st/8 for six seats; 549 votes   ELECTED
Received 238 votes on Green Party ballot line, 311 on Democratic ballot line.

Brian Merlen for Board of Representatives, District 7, Stamford
3rd/3 for two seats; 77 votes, 7.08%

Hugh Birdsall for Board of Education, Clinton
6th/6 for four seats; 990 votes, 8.92%

Erick CarriĆ³n
 for Board of Education, New London

13th/15 for seven seats; 731 votes, 4.51%

Mirna Martinez
for Board of Education, New London  

7th/15 for seven seats; 1,161 votes, 7.16% ELECTED

Michael Abbondandolo
for Board of Education, Madison

7th/7 for five seats; 1,156 votes, 8.53%

Jackie Pioli for Board of Education, Stamford
5th/6 for three seats; 2,090 votes, 4.87%

Cassandra Martineau for Board of Education, Windham 
6th/8 for five seats; 1,030 votes, 11.33%

Douglas Lary for Board of Finance, Windham  
3rd/5 for three seats; 1,121 votes, 20.21%  ELECTED

Owen Charles for Board of Finance, Madison
5th/5 for three seats; 1,113 votes, 12.45%

Kevin Kelly for Board of Finance, Waterford
7th/7 for three seats; 730 votes, 7.63%

John Amarilios for Constable, New Canaan
9th/9 for seven seats; 407 votes, 2.24%

Hector Lopez for Constable, New Canaan
8th/9 for seven seats; 681 votes, 3.75%

Leif Smith for Constable, Redding
7th/7 for seven seats, 359 votes, 5.27%  ELECTED

Cora Santaguida for Constable, Stamford
9th/10 for seven seats; 1,247 votes, 1.99%

Angela Capinera
 District 7, Stratford (write-in) 

3rd/3 for one seat; 2 votes, 0.15%

James Connolly for Planning and Zoning Commission, Clinton
7th/9 for five seats; 1,314 votes, 9.39%

Billy Gene Collins
 for Zoning Board of Appeals, Waterford

6th/6 for three seats; 914 votes, 10.86%

Darcy Van Ness for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Waterford
1st/3 for two seats; 1905 votes, 35.98%  ELECTED
Received 470 votes on Green ballot line and 1435 on Democratic ballot line.

Rob Barstow for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Marlborough (write-in) 
2nd/2 for two seats; 4 votes, 0.45% ELECTED

Cassandra Martineau for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Windham (write-in) 
2nd/2 for two seats; 12 votes, 0.94%  ELECTED 

Michael Westerfield for Board of Assessment Appeals, Windham
4th/6 for five seats; 1,038 votes, 16.50% ELECTED