What is a Constable? In Connecticut, a Constable has the same duties, within the boundaries of a town, as a State Marshal: serving legal papers to the people named in a lawsuit. (This role was also fulfilled by County Sheriffs until that office was abolished in 2000.)

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Leif has lived in Connecticut since 1967 and in Redding since 2004. He is a self-employed carpenter, theater designer, and musician. He is also a Justice of the Peace. He volunteers with the Mark Twain Library Association and performs for the Redding Elementary School PTA student enrichment program.


You can find Leif playing guitar and mandolin in the local band My Dad's Truck, or catch him at "Picker's Night Out" every Wednesday night at the Black Cat Grille in Georgetown - a community music event he started in 2007, open for anyone to participate.


Leif was first elected Constable in 2007. He hopes you will re-elect him to serve another term representing the people of Redding.




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