Candidates for Co-Chair (3 seats)

Don Alexander

Candidate for Co-Chair
At large, Torrington
Email: dalexander at dymotek dot com

My name is Don Alexander and I am asking for your vote for Co-Chairperson for the Green Party of Connecticut.

I believe that all the candidates for this office have the same basic beliefs when it comes to our party's 10 Key Values, although we may have different priorities for each of the values, but I believe that our goals for guiding the party going forward may be different, so that is what I will focus on.

I believe that our strategy over the last 20 years seriously cost us in the 2016 elections. Putting a large amount of time and resources into the Presidential and other federal elections has cost our party (local and national) in local and statewide elections. I firmly believe that Bonnie Troy would have won her race for District 135 State Representative last year if we had concentrated our resources in her election, along with a few other local elections. The smartest strategy for a young or smaller party to follow is to use its limited resources to win local and state elections before attempting to move into the national scene. If we had followed this strategy 20 years ago, we would have been much better prepared to make a huge impact, and possibly win, in last year's elections. Unfortunately, many people were not even familiar with the Green Party last year. We need to get back to basics and work on getting people elected to local and state positions.

We also need to recruit younger voters into the party by having a presence on every college campus in the state. Young voters on the whole have the same values as we do, but they have been discouraged from taking part in the political process by the corruption they see in elections today. We can give them a reason to get involved by focusing on local and state solutions to national issues, i.e. a state single-payer healthcare plan or tuition-free education at public colleges and universities. If we can offer them a progressive alternative to the two major parties and a forum in which they can work, they will get involved.

One of the questions I've been asked when running for State Representative has been how would I get anything accomplished if I got elected, as Greens have views to the left of both major parties. My answer to this question is that there are some Democrats and, surprisingly, Republicans that share our views on certain subjects and that we need to be willing to compromise to some extent to have some of our proposed legislation passed. For example, two of my major platforms are creating a single-payer healthcare plan for the state that allows women to keep total control of their own bodies and an increase in the minimum wage to $15/hr. If we could get the single-payer plan at the cost of having the minimum wage raised to only $13.50, for example, we need to be willing to accept this and get back to work again on the minimum wage and other issues. In other words, with limited resources we need to prioritize and pick our fights.

Finally, I mentioned prioritizing. What exactly are my priorities? Is there anything that I believe we cannot compromise on? Yes, there is. The one issue that I believe we can't give an inch on is the environment. With the damage we've already done and with the current administration's total disregard of the environment, we cannot afford to compromise for our children's sake. Following the environment, my top priorities are healthcare, wage equality and the minimum wage, education and the economy. All of our key values are important, but with limited resources, we must focus on key issues. Thank you for considering me for state Co-Chairperson.

Barbara Barry

Candidate for Co-Chair
Hartford Chapter
Email: roseberry3 at cox dot net

My name is Barbara Barry and I am asking for your vote to be reelected as GPCT Co-Chair.

My accomplishments are:

  • Point person to acquire the official CT Secretary of the State (SOTS) presidential petition form (inclusive of the vice-presidential and US senate positions); printing and disseminating 9,000 petition sheets to the 8 CT county coordinators, inclusive of the 400+ volunteer petitioners; submission to the CT SOTS's office of the petition sheets from Hartford county and other counties and from Jill Stein's paid petitioners. Volunteer petitioners and paid petitioners submitted 8400 signatures, each. We achieved CT presidential and US senate ballot lines for 2016. When Jill Stein Jeff Russell garnered more than 1% of the 11-8-16 vote, so we acquired 2020 ballot lines for president and US senate, respectively.
  • As GPCT Co-Chair, I have urged members and chapters to openly discuss their concerns and views. No group can exist without this input as we seek respect, diversity and democracy with the GPCT. I remain committed to reaching out to other organizations with similar values to foster mutually beneficial relationships and agendas. As evidenced by our GPCT legislative agendas over the past years. The GPCT has shown its ability to win elections on its own. E.g.: to the New Haven City Alderman positions x3 and to the Hartford City Council x3. The GPCT has more policies and solutions than other 3rd political parties in CT. So the GPCT can stand alone. The GPCT candidates and elected officials who were cross-endorsed have had to face the decision about which political party they were truly aligned with (before and ) when vote time occurred. One cannot have allegiance to two "masters". This is very different from the need at times to compromise without compromising the core principle.
  • I intend to continue to maintain clear and achievable GPCT goals by: a) continuing to request input from annual meeting attendees about their recommendations for the future focus of the GPCT. This is in addition to seeking that input during SCC, EC and chapter meetings and from at-large members. b) support GPCT members who have the interest and commitment to be GPCT candidates whether for local, state or federal offices. c) continue efforts to maintain the synergistic relationship between the GPCT chapters, members, EC, SCC and the GPUS. d) continue to enhance the GPCT Media Committee with use of social media technology. e) as a retiree, I am freed of the juggling school, work and children, so I can continue My commitment to be available and attend to the responsibilities of Co-Chair ( or as I did in the past as GPCT secretary). And will continue to foster the growth and diversity of the GPCT in these politically opportunistic times.
  • There is interplay of the presidential, federal, state and local politics and policies. I have seen these in action in the past and currently. During my work as a registered nurse (since 1967), I have seen the shift of first responders: doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists, nurses, EMTs, trauma specialists, helicopter pilots, police, firefighters, and National Guard members from out of our communities into the military arenas during Vietnam, the Bosnian conflict, Iraq I, Iraq II and Afghanistan. Because of they were not available we had less healthcare providers and resources. Municipalities also asked its residents to provide funding to replace missed money for these 1st responders, e.g. mortgages. Then after these undeclared wars, there was an increased demand for more healthcare providers to treat generations of injured veterans. National policies are local.
  • Medicare was enacted in 1965 and I saw patient changes. Prior to 1965, typical patients had union health insurance or the financial ability to pay their own bills. After 1965, people of different ethnicities and race now had access to health care (much like the current AHCA) to treat chronic symptoms and illnesses.
  • Prior to the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision and the availability of birth control and the public education of reproduction, I saw women who suffered from back alley abortions, chronic STD infections and the drinking of lye in desperate attempts to take control of their situations. The effects of these federal, state and local policies had physical, economic and educational efforts on the people around these women. So birth control is not JUST a woman's issue. Now "pharmaceutical" and birth control devices have drastically decreased abortions (e.g. ~90%). I believe healthcare is a human right and will continue to support it. If all other Western countries can do so (at about 10% of the cost) then we can too. Having healthier US citizens would benefit the US and the world.

I thank you for your vote.

Nikki Byrne

Candidate for Co-Chair
Waterford Chapter
Email: nlbyrne3 at gmail dot com

My name is Nikki Byrne and I'm honored to announce my intention to run for Co-Chair of the Connecticut Green Party. I will be graduating summa cum laude from the University of Saint Joseph in with my B.A. in English and Philosophy in May 2017. I plan to attend UCONN School of Law in the fall of 2017 to get my J.D. I worked as a legislative intern during the spring of 2015 at the Connecticut General Assembly. I spent my time at University working as a writing tutor and completing and presenting three independent research projects. Currently, I work as an office administrative assistant at RoseLake Property and Design, LLC in West Hartford, CT and hold the position of Secretary of the Waterford Green Party. My personal interests include reading, writing poetry, and spending time with my Guinea pigs.

As a future attorney, I am committed to upholding the ethical standards of the Green Party. As a queer individual and an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am committed to nurturing a diverse and respectful community within the Green Party where minority groups are not only included but celebrated. As Co-Chair, I plan to strengthen the Green Party by fostering mutually beneficial relationships with other coalitions, so long as such relationships do not compromise any of the Green Party core values. I intend to strengthen the integrity of the Party by establishing clear Party goals and a comprehensive budget.

The main priorities of my agenda include:

  • Increased support for local and state Green Party candidates
  • Continued efforts to respect the autonomy of local chapters while increasing communication between chapters
  • Community outreach specifically intended to recruit new and diverse membership to revitalize and inspire the Party
  • The creation and maintenance of a respectful, unified environment with open discussions
  • Continued efforts to increase public awareness through fundraising, education, and activism

In conclusion, if elected Co-Chair I intend to nurture the Green Party by creating a respectful environment, promoting collaboration, and celebrating diversity. My goal is to help the Green Party grow and create real change in Connecticut. I believe that my ideas and experience can help the Green Party reach its full potential.

Michael DeRosa

Candidate for Co-Chair
Hartford Chapter
Email: smderosa at cox dot net

I want your vote for Co-Chair of the Green Party of CT. I believe that I and other members of the progressive slate represent the best long and short term interests of the Green Party of CT.

Accomplishments in the Green Party of CT:
• Overall state coordinator and point person for volunteers and paid petitioners for the successful ballot access drive to get our presidential candidate Jill Stein on the ballot in CT in 2016. I worked endless hours in 2016 along with many others to make this happen (Thank you all!). We were able to collect 16,800 signatures (8400 from paid petitioners and 8400 from volunteers) that put our Green presidential candidate on the ballot in CT for the first time in eight years (we needed 7500 valid signatures to get on CT presidential ballot in 2016). This year we achieved ballot access for President for 2020 and have ballot access for all the other 24 candidates for 2018, including US Senate. In 2016 we ran one of the highest number of candidates of any Green Party in the US
• As Co-Chair I have given honest, dependable, and committed activism to our party and have fought for democracy and respect for diversity within our party. These included putting the necessary paper work into the CT SOTS’s office, holding phone campaign seminars for new candidates, organizing fundraisers, and helping and giving important assistance to petitioning candidates. I have also tried to encourage the development of new local chapters.
• This year I ran for congress in the 1st congressional district and got over 6500 votes (2.1% of the vote) and got into the congressional debate with John Larson and raised important issues with him about the endless wars that we wage and military conversion, the need for Medicare for all, and the student debt scandal. I have run as a Green Candidate for State Senate (11% twice), Congress in the 1st twice, and CT Secretary of State (over 24,000 votes, 2.5% in 2014). I have been very active in our Greater Hartford Green Party. I have also promoted the Green Party of CT by speaking (along with others) on WPKN, Progressive Soup TV, The Hartford Courant and many other radio, TV, and major newspapers in CT, as well as on the internet.
• Litigant (as a Green Candidate) in the lawsuit: Green Party of CT vs. Garfield. This case was about the state requiring huge signature petition requirements from third parties to qualify for grants under the CT campaign finance law while not applying these same requirements to the major parties. We won a positive decision by Federal Judge Underhill on this case and got a negative decision at the appellate level with a 2 to 1 vote. The US Supreme Court took our case but refused to rule on our lawsuit. We continue to fight this unfair and discriminatory law and we observed this year how it stopped us from gaining grants through the Citizens’ Election fund in many races in 2016.
• Worked with Green Party of CT members to develop a legislative agenda in the present General Assembly that include proposals and bills that supported a Connecticut Public Bank, urban agriculture, renewable energy, universal health care, municipal energy districts, medical marijuana reform, demilitarization of the police, and ballot access reform. We met with many legislatures on these proposals and bills and got a deputy speaker of the house to submit and support a CT Public Bank bill.
• Campaign Manager for six years for the three successful elections of Elizabeth Horton Sheff to the Hartford City Council as a Green. These successful elections stopped the siting of a toxic medical waste dump in Hartford CT.
• Co-founder of Green Party of CT in 1995.

Over the next year as your Co-Chair I will keep our party independent and Green. I have worked hard to develop local chapters and to build the state party. We have won many offices at the local level all over CT and have gotten many votes for state and federal office. There is no contradiction between running people for state wide office and local office. Running for various levels of government is not mutually exclusive but rather mutually compatible and reinforce our issues with voters. Cross endorsement should be used from a position of strength and not from a position of weakness. The demise of both the A Connecticut Party and the Independent Party in CT were related to their use of cross endorsement. One of the best ways to educate people about the Green Party is to link our national and state-wide campaign issues with our local campaign issues. We need to think globally and act nationally, state-wide and locally.

I believe we are on the cusp of a great break through if we support the 10 key values of the Green Party and the Green New Deal and build our party with issues and alliances with many other groups like the frustrated supporters of Bernie Sanders. We needed to build a strong national, state and local party. Our independence from the two major parties may be frustrating for them but it is absolutely appreciated by the people of CT who have seen over and over again their hopes and expectations dashed by the two major parties that operate in reality as one corrupt corporate party.

Building a real Green progressive party is not easy. If it was easy we would have a party that represented the 99% a long time ago instead of having two corrupt parties that consistently support the interest of the 1%. We can and will build this real Green progressive party because very soon the citizens of the United States will demand it. That is why we must stay with the issues and build the Green candidacies that will make us relevant and strong.

Please consider voting for me for Co-Chair and voting for the entire progressive slate.

If you have any questions feel free to contact at 860-919-4042 or e-mail me at smderosa at cox dot net.

Emily Garfinkel

Candidate for Co-Chair
Waterford Chapter
Email: emilyg195 at gmail dot net

My name is Emily Garfinkel, and I am seeking re-election for my second year as Co-Chair to the Green Party of Connecticut. I currently serve as Co-Chair of the Waterford, Connecticut chapter as well. In addition to my affiliations with the Green Party, I will be graduating from University of Connecticut in May with a B.A. in Political Science, and minors in French and Women’s Studies. I have interned for the past two legislative sessions with The Kowalski Group, a leading women’s health lobbying group in Hartford. I currently reside in Storrs, Connecticut and will be moving back to my hometown of Farmington post-graduation.

I want to bring a point of view to the party that will invite activists to the conversation. As Greens, we have a political conversation that is in dire need to be discussed on a more universal level. We have a demand for our voices to be heard, at the local, state, and national level. It is absolutely necessary that we engage our communities in the political conversation, and I see this as being the upmost importance.

As Co-Chair, I want to continue my commitment to collaborate with other non-profit organizations and political parties to ensure future success of Connecticut Greens. My strong point of interest that I want to continue this year is the support of new and growing chapters throughout the state. I want to put an importance on local elections, including both town councils to the state level. I am a firm believer that in order to create and pursue a true progressive agenda, we must begin from the grassroots up.

As a young Green myself, I am passionate about inspiring other young voters to know that we can be the change in the political system we want to see.

I do hope that you will support me on this journey to revive the Connecticut Green Party so we can make ideals become realities.

Rolf Maurer

Candidate for Co-Chair
Fairfield County Chapter
Email: maurer_rolf at yahoo dot com

Following on our collective efforts in 2016 to put Jill Stein on the state ballot as the Green Party's presidential candidate, I feel that the Green Party of Connecticut should build on this momentum to distinguish itself substantively from the name-brand Democrat/Republican mix.

With the extremist ideological blitzkrieg unleashed by the new administration in its first three months, alone, the Democrats need only mask the similar direction of their own policies (however differently packaged) on the environment, health care, foreign relations and other areas by now calling themselves "progressive".

As candidate for Co-Chair, I am eager to help promote the Green Party to voters on its own terms—not as "left of Democrat", or some other label confining it to the mainstream political spectrum, but as the one constructive alternative that offers effective, humane solutions to major problems by addressing underlying causes, rather than salving symptoms, or blaming victims.

Through online commentary, street corner public engagement, film screenings, speaker presentations and other party-sponsored activities, the GPCT can not only expand public awareness that there are more than two options for every issue, but explore what the real issues might be, as well.

Having served as Co-Chair for two terms and run for municipal and state positions, I believe the best way to achieve these goals is a renewed commitment to upholding the party's integrity against the erosive effects of cross-endorsement, reduction in the number of SCC meetings and other proposals that, as one of the state GP organizations with the most candidates in 2016, could jeopardize the future of the Green Party of Connecticut.

Jeff Russell

Candidate for Co-Chair
At large, Glastonbury
Email: k1xu at juno dot com

I want to begin with some important political history. I am old enough to remember a vibrant, dynamic, liberal wing in the Republican Party. Men like Nelson Rockefeller, Lowell P. Weicker Jr., and even Dwight D. Eisenhower were considered liberal Republicans.

Then the "Reagan revolution" put ideologue conservatives in a position of dominance in that party. The party not only stopped listening to liberals, they actively sought to drive them out of the party. Then they stopped listening to the moderates.

After a generation of listening only to self-reinforcing right wing rhetoric, the Republican Party has gone off the ideological deep end. We see the results of this ideological 'purification' in every word from Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway.

This is why I am dead set against any attempt to form a "new progressive party." Any party that listens only to one way of thinking will spiral into ideological insanity, given enough time.

The latest science tells us that conservative and progressive thinking really are two different ways of thinking. Conservatives and liberals actually process information differently, and the big surprise is, the differences are genetic.

I recognize that my own thought processes often lead me to the more radical edge of progressive thought. Knowing what I know about liberal and conservative thinking, whenever I find the most conservative members of the party disagreeing with me, I want to find out what the thought processes were that got them to that different conclusion. I want to know what they saw that I didn't see. I want to find out what I can learn from them on that issue.

I am just as firmly convinced of the existence of evolution as I am of the existence of gravity. My understanding of evolutionary processes lead me to hypothesize that the existence of these two genetic traits, present in every human population, have to provide a survival advantage to the community by existing in combination. There are more examples than today's Republican Party that show isolating one thought process from the other leads to disastrous results.

What is needed, in the political realm of the United States today, is a party that actively listens to both 'sides' of the political 'spectrum'. The Republicans stopped listening to anyone who could be called a moderate in the previous century. Today's Democratic Party isn't listening to anyone to the left of corporate moderates. This shines an intense spotlight on the fact that progressives are not being listened to by either "major" party. But, if we listen only to those the "major" parties are ignoring, we will make the same mistake they are making.

We need, need, to listen to each other. Not dismiss each other with derision and name calling. Face this fact; even though the majority of Greens here in Connecticut fall on the progressive side of the spectrum, there is nothing in our core values that a conservative thinker cannot agree with.

Abraham Lincoln insisted that his cabinet had an equal number of former Whigs and former Democrats. From the descriptions in Doris Kearns Goodwin's book "A Team of Rivals," Lincoln also crafted a group with a dynamic balance of liberal and conservative thinking.

As in 1852, both 'major' parties are failing to address the most important issues of the day. They are both blinded by subservience to the corporate oligarchy. They both refuse to see the genuine needs, let alone the best interests of, We the People.

And there are plenty of Republican and Democrats that are dissatisfied, disillusioned, even disgusted with the parties they have been a part of.

We need to listen to all of them: liberal, conservative, radical, moderate, Republican, Democrat, unaffiliated. We need to talk to all of them.

The conversation needs to be inclusive. Completely inclusive.

Baird Welch-Collins

Candidate for Co-Chair
Waterford Chapter
Email: bairdwelchcollins at gmail dot com

I am a student of government at Connecticut College, a community organizer, a justice of the peace, and a Green candidate for municipal office. I have been a member of the Green Party of Connecticut for my entire political career. During that time I have organized and founded the Waterford, CT Green Party and been elected Co-Chair of my local chapter.

Since the Waterford Green Party's beginning in 2013, we have run a variety of candidates for municipal and state office and in 2015 saw our first Green Party candidate elected to the Zoning Board of Appeals. I hope to continue this progress and growth as Co-Chair of the Green Party of Connecticut.

As Co-chair, I will continue to make winning municipal offices, across the state, my primary goal. We will focus the efforts, resources, and energy of our party into the municipal and state races where we can win and grow our party. By building our party from the grassroots up, we will present a credible threat to the rigged political and economic system.

As Co-Chair of the Green Party of Connecticut, I will:

1) Make the growth of local chapters, the success of municipal campaigns, and winning 2017 elections the top priority.

2) Demand a budget be approved by the SCC to guarantee responsible fiscal management and fundraising.

3) Empower local chapters to make their own decisions run campaigns through our principals of decentralization and grassroots democracy.

4) Demand professional conduct and campaigns as integral to the growth of a viable alternative party.

5) Prioritize increasing the racial, economic, sexual, gender, and religious inclusiveness and diversity of our party.

Our voice is desperately needed in Connecticut. Vote for me, and it will be heard.

Thank you.

Candidates for USGP Representative (3 seats)

Michael DeRosa

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Hartford Chapter
smderosa at cox dot net

I want your vote for CT Representative to the Green Party of the US. As a member of Green National Committee during the last year I have researched all of the issues that have come before the Green National Committee. I have discussed the various votes and issues that have taken place on the GNC at our state meetings and have received input at the state meetings about how people think I should vote on the important issues discussed by this body. I have also discussed what the various state parties are doing to increase membership and what issues they are raising in their state parties and have shared this information with the GPCT. I have also shared information about other national committees and regional meetings and have passed this info on the appropriate people within the GPCT.

I hope you will consider voting for me so that I can continue to serve you on this important committee.

If you have any questions feel free to contact at 860-919-4042 or e-mail me at smderosa at cox dot net.

Brian Gay

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Hartford Chapter
Email: bgay1 at friars.providence dot edu

Having become disillusioned with both major parties in the US, Brian first became a supporter of the Green Party in 2012 when he learned about Dr. Jill Stein and her Green New Deal. He then joined the Green-Rainbow Party in his home state of Massachusetts and has been a registered Green ever since.

Brian moved to Connecticut in July of 2015 and quickly joined the CT Green Party.

As a representative to the National Committee, Brian seeks to stay abreast of the issues facing the national party so he can successfully relay that information to the local CT chapters while also giving voice to the concerns of CT Greens to the national party. His primary focus will be on successfully relaying information in order to enhance communication between the national and CT Greens.

Brian already has some experience with the National Committee from his role as the alternate for Lavender Caucus, and believes that this will facilitate his work as a representative for the CT state party.

Brian currently lives in East Hampton where he serves as a Justice of the Peace (2017-2020) and a member of the town's Clean Energy Task Force (2017). In his spare time he likes to garden, run and spend time w/ his partner and their two cats.

Joshua Steele Kelly

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Waterford Chapter
Email: joshuasteelekelly at gmail dot com

Josh Kelly, founder and a current co-chair of the Waterford Green Party, has served as a delegate to the National Committee for the past two years, and has worked diligently to ensure that Connecticut's interests and values are upheld and understood within the National Committee. Since he was first appointed in April 2015, he strove to vote on each and every measure consistently, and has worked to keep all lines of communication open for Connecticut Greens to reach him with questions and comments. This hard work has not gone unnoticed in the National Committee, as he has already run to become a co-chair of the national party and has since received encouragement from several other members to run again. He sincerely hopes that the Connecticut Greens see fit to appoint him again, and that he may continue to serve the State Central Committee in this capacity.

Outside of the SCC and National Committee, Josh was elected as an alternate to the Zoning Board of Appeals in 2015 and was appointed as an alternate to the Conservation Commission in Waterford. He will be attending the University of Connecticut in the fall to earn his Masters of Public Administration, which he hopes to use as a springboard for future elections and to serve as a town manager in the State of Connecticut. He will also serve as the campaign manager for the Waterford Green Party's campaign for municipal offices this summer and fall, and he looks forward to having more time to dedicate to the Green Party upon his graduation from Wheaton College this May.

Any questions may be directed to Josh via email at joshuasteelekelly at gmail dot com, or via phone at 860-912-7624.

Tim McKee

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
At large, Hamden
Email: timmckee321 at gmail dot com

I am seeking to return to the National Committee of the Green Party as YOUR representative from Connecticut. I want to serve you and build the national party, keep you inform about the actions of the national party and express YOUR desires to the party.

I am a co-founder of the Green Party. I first asked Ralph Nader to run for President. I first asked Dr. Jill Stein to run for President. I have asked over 500 people to run for office as a Green. I have managed and WON races for candidates.

The job: we vote on and propose policies and actions for the GPUS. We ask for your input on these actions. We attend annual meetings and the Presidential Conventions every four years.

In the past, I have reported to you in emails past actions and proposals on a regular basis. I have attended past annual meetings and conventions at my own expense, spending thousands to represent us.

I ask for your FIRST-PLACE vote as you choose your National Committee members.

Cora Santaguida

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Fairfield Chapter
Email: corasantaguida at gmail dot com

Cora, a lifelong Connecticut resident, worked for the City of Stamford Mayor's Youth Services Bureau under Dannel Malloy. The MYSB collaborated with several nonprofits, including Domus, which is currently under fire for its Charter School program. In addition to being a part-time job coach for Domus' residential programs, she was an occasional job readiness skills instructor for youth at the Urban League's Stamford headquarters. Living with a disability in Stamford's notorious-for-crime West Side, a recipient (and sometimes non-recipient) of much needed State-funded resources and services, and formerly part of Stamford's chronically homeless population, she brings a "front line" perspective to the table. Recently, she was the CT Volunteer Coordinator for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka's 2016 campaign, and she is currently Fairfield County Chapter Co-Chair and working toward a masters degree in political science from Southern New Hampshire University.

Baird Welch-Collins

Candidate for CT Representative to the Green Party of United States
Waterford Chapter
(See above)

Candidates for Secretary (1 seat)

David Bedell

Candidate for Secretary
Fairfield Chapter
Email: dbedellgreen at hotmail dot com

I worked on the 1996 Ralph Nader campaign and am a founding member of the Green Party of CT. I have served as Secretary of the Fairfield County chapter, served one year as State Party Treasurer, and am currently webmaster for the party web site I have also run for public office and served as a Green Justice of the Peace.

In a professional capacity, I teach English to immigrants and international students from all parts of the world. I also worked for several years as executive secretary for a nonprofit organization, and I volunteer as vice president for Teachers Against Prejudice. I believe my language, communication, computer, and clerical skills qualify me to fulfill the duties of Secretary.

On the question of candidate cross-endorsement, I think we should stick with the current party bylaws, which require that any candidate running on the Green ballot line must be a registered Green Party member. Because we are still a relatively small party, we need to establish a clear identity and reputation with voters. Until we are as well-recognized as the major parties, with ballot access for most offices, I don't think we can afford to dilute our message by giving away our hard-won ballot lines to other party candidates. (On the other hand, if another party wishes to cross-endorse one of our candidates, then I would leave it up to the candidate to accept or reject the endorsement depending on local conditions.)

Ronna Stuller

Candidate for Secretary
New London Chapter
Email: rstuller at snet dot net/ronna at nlgreens dot org

A Green since 2004, I am the current chair and former secretary of the New London chapter and town committee. I'm a producer-host of our public access program "Thinking Green," which has aired weekly (9 months/year) since 2004, and I designed and maintain our website: I am a past member of the New London Board of Education and currently serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission. In 2011, in response to the city's attempt to sell parkland in a long-neglected low-income neighborhood, I became treasurer of the Friends of Riverside PAC and later, after the proposed sale was defeated in a dramatic referendum, cofounded – and serve as treasurer of – the Riverside Park Conservancy, a nonprofit organization committed to the restoration, management and enhancement of Riverside Park, for the enjoyment of present and future generations. I also cofounded and serve as secretary of Re:public Ed, a new New London-based nonprofit which aims to empower the people of Connecticut to shape public education, equalize opportunities for students, and maintain a strong connection between school and community.

The Green Party offers a commonsense and humane political alternative to individuals disillusioned with the Republicans and Democrats, and the time has never been better to take advantage of this opportunity to grow our party! My goals as GPCT secretary are to improve SCC outreach – with the national party, state chapters and town committees, and individual Greens; to approve a budget that reflects our priorities and provides tangible support for local Green Party campaigns and other activities (including, but not limited to, liability insurance, voter data analysis, and sample bylaws and other documents); and to seek out greater involvement of youth and POC in our state party.

View NLGP-produced shows on our YouTube channel

Learn more about Riverside Park Conservancy

Learn more about Re:public Ed

Candidates for Treasurer (1 seat)

Chris Reilly

Candidate for Treasurer
Hartford Chapter
Email: cpr101 at hotmail dot com