Green Party Candidate:
Elizabeth Horton Sheff

Hartford City Council - elected 1999

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Put the Hartford School system back into the hands of the people of Hartford. Our children are the future of this city. Mandate that the State comply with the ruling of Sheff vs. O'Neill that ordered the state to provide quality, integrated education with equitable funding. Establish a city council education committee. Reopen the dialogue with the Board of Education on collaboration.

Elizabeth Horton Sheff meets with fellow community activists at a recent fundraiser.

Improve employment opportunities for residents of Hartford by expanding the construction job funnel. Work with existing agencies (CRT, WRBD, YO Hartford) to increase training and job placement for Adraien's Landing.

Public Safety
Increase recruitment of minorities and Hartford residents for the Police and Fire Departments. Establish educational programs in coordination with the Hartford Adult School to encourage new applicants. Support Community Policing.

Environmental Health
Re-negotiate the CRRA contract to make them accountable for their actions and to improve the bargaining position of Hartford citizens. Stop selling the health of Hartford's people for trash money. Demand better enforcement of clean air, land, and water regulations. Hire an urban health educator.

Economic Justice
Support small business growth and expansion. Provide a living wage for all workers. Provide childcare, healthcare and transportation, to help people work. Help extended families support their children and elderly. Give public projects to local businesses, not large out-of-town developers. Restructure the tax system to encourage building improvement not abandonment. Encourage owner-occupied housing.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Support and encourage programs to help grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

Civic Pride
Encourage clean streets. Stop speeders, violence and shootings. Encourage volunteerism and civic responsibility and expand voting through education and restoration of voting rights.

Physical Preparedness and Wealth Development
Establish a City Financial Preparedness Committee to promote government efficiency and deal with future fiscal contingencies. Encourage the issuing of "Hartford Dollars" to keep money in the community and help create new wealth.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the campaign:

Home phone & fax: (860) 231.0244
Office: (860) 560.5611
Hartford City Council: (860) 543.8517 (Admin Assistant, Olivia Almagro)


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