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(This site is from Ben's 2011 campaign. Click here for Ben's 2015 campaign!)

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Ben won 140 votes, that is 6.4% of the vote.

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Green Party nominated Ben Holden
at August 30 state meeting
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Why I Ran

Our Board of Selectmen is the town's brain trust--our political leadership. The BOS has many obligations and functions, the most important of which is providing for the town's future.

The people of Canton need, deserve, and should have a game plan. Our next BOS should prepare five-year and ten-year plans. It should provide a vision of what we need to do and how to do it. Read more

The citizens and taxpayers of Canton deserve a careful tending of the town's funds. A new BOS should work to finish jobs, collect monies due, and spend carefully for town needs. Read more

The current Board of Selectmen has failed us. Read more

I ask for your vote on November 8th

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Latest News

Green Party Nominates Canton Selectman Candidate
Benedict Holden Says He Wants To Preserve Town's Natural Beauty And Improve Social Services

Holden Gets Green Party Nod
Ben Holden receives nomination to run as official Green Party candidate for board of selectmen in this November's municipal election.

Green Party To Caucus Tuesday
Holden Seeking Seat On Board Of Selectmen

Green Party holds nominating meeting in Canton Aug. 30
"I believe in public education, local business, the commonweal, and an open political process."

Canton Resident Hopes To Run For Selectman On Green Party Ticket
His Comment Expressing Dissatisfaction with Town Government Leads to a Campaign to Serve

Ben Holden seeks Green Party nomination for a seat on the Board of Selectmen
Some of the items topping Holden’s platform include the building of two hydroelectric dams, an electric charging station, and issues with the current board of selectmen.