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Charlie Pillsbury for Registrar of Voters, New Haven, 2008

Charlie Pillsbury
Charlie Pillsbury
Charlie Pillsbury
Charlie Pillsbury

Charlie Pillsbury
247 Saint Ronan Street
New Haven CT 06511

Thank you for your support! Charlie got 2,980 votes, a close runner-up!

In the News

  • "Register This: Why third parties need their own registrar of voters" in the New Haven Advocate
  • Real Campaign Finance Reform

    Charlie Pillsbury, co-chair of the New Haven Green Party, is working with the other members of the Clean up Connecticut Campaign to force changes in the recently passed Connecticut election reform bill. While the bill makes great strides toward clean elections by banning campaign contributions from lobbyists and state contractors, its public financing plan is designed to provide the major parties with easy access to funds while forcing minor parties to collect signatures equaling 20% of the voters in the previous election.


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