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Issues: Where We've Been.

Some of the 1999 campaign promises realized:

Open the "doors" of decision-making in city hall 
established my "Community Council"

continues to promote equal educational opportunity through Sheff v. O'Neill
assisted numerous parents to help solve particular school issues faced by their respective children

Environmental Justice 
prevented the medical waste facility
advocated against the expansion of the north Hartford landfill
worked with residents re. MDC sewage back-up
established Urban Health Educator position

Public Safety
strengthened the Civilian Police Review Board, which included the hiring of independent persons to investigate civilian complaints
passed legislation to place video cameras on police cruisers
advocated on behalf of community policing efforts

reinstated the Certificate of Apartment Occupancy ordinance, a measure to insure the preservation of housing stock

Economic Justice
supported the living wage ordinance
monitored the inclusion of Hartford residents and business in city-supported economic developments

Charter Revision
supported increasing the power of the Office of the Mayor
introduced an ordinance to increase the salary of the mayor (in effort to increase the candidate pool for the same)

Other Accomplishments
established the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Task Force, including the institution of a civil position to support the same
helped return food access to the Northeast community, vis--vis C-Town Supermarket
supported numerous community and cultural events

Here's what Elizabeth Horton Sheff and Hartford citizens are going to do in 2002-3.

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