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Why I Am Running For Congress

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I am running for Congress to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Connecticut for the following reasons:

facing this nation and this world, help shape this year’s political debate and change the current political culture, which is currently dominated by greed and violence. The key issues are: democracy, justice, and peace. Unless the Greens speak out on these issues, no one will; certainly not the Democrats, who have lost their voice in our current post-9/11 political culture of acquiescence and obedience to Republican rule.

As Ralph Nader and others have said, democracy is not a spectator sport. Voter alienation is at an all time high, especially among those under 30. People are turned off by a corrupt, money-drenched political system. We no longer have “democracy“: a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I call it a “kleptocracy”, because the Republicans and Democrats are stealing from the middle class and the poor and giving to the rich through tax cuts, and to big business through corporate welfare programs.

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Let’s roll back the “Republicrat” tax cuts; let’s end corporate welfare as we know it; let's cut military spending; and let’s use these public resources to provide universal health care to all Americans, balance the federal budget, and protect Social Security from Democratic and Republican mismanagement. Together, we can bring democracy back to the United States of America, take our government back and make it work for the common good, for all of us, not just the rich and powerful.

Voter registration and party enrollment data explain how. As of October 2000, there were 318,000 registered voters in the Third District: 60,925 (19%) Republicans, 116,525 (37%) Democrats, and 140, 550 (44%) Unaffiliated Voters. In a three-way race, I can build a winning coalition of Greens, disaffected Democrats and Republicans, and unaffiliated, independent voters to win the privilege of representing you in Congress.  To win, I need your time, your contribution and your VOTE.

Pillsbury 2002
    November 05, 2002
    Vote: Line 2E -- Charlie Pillsbury

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