Accepted Minutes from the 8-21-07 EC meeting of CTGP in Glastonbury, CT.

Luna's Pizza, 88 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033, p: 860-659-2136

Time: 6:35PM to 7:15PM

Attendees: Co-chairpersons: Jean deSmet, Northeast Chapter; Cliff Thornton, S. Michael DeRosa, Greater Hartford Chapter; Treasurer: Christopher Reilly, Greater Hartford Chapter; Secretary: Barbara Barry, Greater Hartford Chapter. Facilitator: Barbara Barry

Agenda for 8-28-07 SCC meeting which might include but not limited to:

1. CT Green Times newspaper status: SMD: not enough articles have been submitted for a distribution for the 8-28-07 SCC meeting. CT: I have not edited my 2,000 word article about my campaign for this newspaper, yet.

CT: Newspaper doesn't look good i.e. fonts, paper, look. Needs to look professional. SMD. That can cost thousands of dollars, we don't have right now. JdS: need the newspaper mainly to be done yearly e.g. election.

2. Results of political actions by the GP of CT with the CT legislature; issues GP of CT wants to address in 2008. SMD: Fight the Hike is still meeting and working on their issue of electric rates/electric utility concerns.

3. ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT “campaign finance reform” law. SMD: no news.

4. CTGP website: CR: Aaron Gustafson of Hamden, CT, and former webmaster,has renewed his ownership for one year of our GP of CT website: David Bedell and Christopher Reilly continue to do updates on the website. David has done some portals; Chris does the calendar (when information is provided to him) and separate tasks.

5. Treasurer's report from Christopher Reilly: have about $1213.00.

6. Requests to be on GPUS committees: SMD to send email to GPUS about currently committee members who are endorsed by the SCC. BB: again request that our GPUS representatives: Tim McKee and Charlie Pillsbury, provide the SCC with list of current people who represent CT on GPUS committees in any capacity.

7. Any proposals? e.g. from Process and Procedure Committee members

8. Place of next EC meeting scheduled for 9-07.

9. Place for next SCC meeting 9-25-07 SCC meeting.

10. Endorsements of Green Party candidates of CT. Known candidates seeking GP of CT SCC endorsements:
New London: for City Council: Kenric M. Hanson and Arthur R. Costa; New London Board of Education:
Ronna K. Stuller and Davana N. Grabel.
Hartford: David Ionno for Hartford City Council.
New Haven: Ralph Ferrucci for Mayor; Allan Brison for Alderman for New Haven;
Hamden: Kelly McCarthy for Hamden City Council.

CT: I have been meeting with Nicholas Carbone, Democrat, almost monthly this year. He wants the Green Party to endorse his candidates in Hartford.

Cliff did not know which of the Democratic Candidates were being supported by Mr. Carbone.