Minutes from the 6-19-07 EC meeting of CTGP in Glastonbury, CT.

Place: Luna's Pizza, 88 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033, P: 860-659-2136 Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Attendees: Co-chairpersons: Mike DeRosa and Cliff Thornton; Secretary: Barbara Barry; Treasure: Christopher Reilly.

Absent: Jean DeSmet, co-chairperson. No other attendees.

1. CT Green Times newspaper status: MD: he and Eric DeVos hope to have available for distribution at the 6-26-07 SCC meeting, 5,000 copies.

He also suggests Eric be reimbursed a targeted sum of $100 for paper and toner. Consensus.

2. Results of political actions by the GP of CT with the CT legislature: CT: about 10 minutes ago, Governor Jody Rell vetoed the medical marijuana

Bill. Reason: unknown at this time. Ex-prisoner's voting rights bill was signed into law i.e. when a prisoner is released from prison, he/she will be advised of the procedures involved to regain their voting rights; and probation officers will advised of this updated process. MD: all the alternative energy provisions of the energy bill were removed; no regulation provisions survived in the bill. Issues GP of CT wants to address in 2008:

CT: legalization of marijuana.

3. ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT "campaign finance reform" law. MD: at the 6-6-07 hearing in Bridgeport, CT, the federal judge did not make a decision about a summary motion by the State of CT, CCAG, Common Cause and Thomas Sevigny to dismiss the ACLU/Green Party of CT lawsuit. Rather the judge stated he would make a decision at some point in the future.

4. CTGP website: MD: Eric DeVos is trying to develop a new format and is also considering adding a blog to the website.

5. Treasurer's report from CR: we received $211 via GPUS; total in treasury: about $1580; CR anticipates utilizing Steve Fournier's electronic payment service whenever CR can complete to process of terminating the current electronic payment service.

6. GPUS issues: need our GPUS representatives to advise the GP of CT about how many voting delegates GP of CT have been allotted. Then need these

Allotted voting delegates determined at the 6-26-07 SCC meeting. GPUS Convention start about 7-12-07, Thursday through Sunday, 7-15-07.

7. Place for 6-26-07 SCC meeting. BB: to be Middletown or Portland. We had difficulty with parking at the East Rock School (on 5-29-07 for the last SCC meeting on 5-29-07) due to the baseball games in an adjacent lot. Agenda to include delegated to the 7-07 GPUS Convention. Either the non-violence or diversity Key Value will be discussed at the 6-26-07 SCC meeting. BB to determine.

8. Place and date of the next EC meeting scheduled for 7-07: to be determined.

9. Date and place for the next SCC meeting on 7-31-07: Consensus: Middletown or Portland due to the likely ongoing parking difficulties at

East Rock School in New Haven while the baseball games/session continues over the summer.

10. Any proposals. None.