Minutes of the 5-9-07 EC meeting of CTGP in Glastonbury, CT.

Luna’s Pizza, 88 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033, p: 860-659-2136 Time: 7:15pm to 9pm

Attendees: Co-chairpersons: Jean deSmet, Mike DeRosa, Cliff Thornton; Secretary: Barbara Barry; Treasurer: Christopher Reilly

A. State of the SCC meetings of GP of CT: JdS: need to energize them. BB suggestions: have a Key Value discussed for a minute or two at each SCC meeting. This could enhance or enlighten members various thoughts about a value and can be tied into the work (of a re-constituted) Platform Committee. It may open the opportunity to learning, from attendees, if other groups are out there working on Key Value type issues which the GP of CT may wish to join. We could also look into having speakers at SCC meetings to educate or update SCC attendees about issues or concerns to the GP. Consensus: agreed to have this done periodically at SCC meetings.

MD: to enhance chapter building: perhaps one or more of the GP of CT officers may go to chapters, one at a time to help chapter build. We can get ads on: radios such as ESCU, Wesleyan, UCONN and on community TV shows (some of which are GP shows). MD will contact Tim McGee of Manchester Chapter and Vic Lancia of Middletown Chapter to ask if this would be something that they would wish to have done at their chapters. If the chapters are agreeable, the officers will continue this pursuit. Consensus: agreed.

B. Proposal to reactive the following committees: BB: a) Platform Committee; b) Strategy Committee; c) Budget Committee: CT: need a full-time person to be an organizer. JdS: we need someone to enhance our membership, enhance our monthly donations, such as other groups do. BB: such as associates, major donors and contributors. MD: we do not have the money for a full-time staff person. MD proposed that we at first try to acquire a part-time fundraiser, advertise this position at the SCC meeting and by mouth, have potential candidates submit their resumes by the time of the 6-26-07 SCC meeting, have a Hiring Committee vet the candidates. The SCC is the only body which choose the candidate and approve the rate of commission and goals. Consensus: agreed: to the EC proposals for the 5-29-07 SCC meetings: restart the a) Platform Committee; b) Strategy Committee c) Budget Committee and d) seek SCC approval to hire a part-time fundraiser as proposed above.

C. CT Green Times newspaper status: MD: to be become available from the publisher frequently in the future. BB: could it to done monthly? Even if it is only a single double-sided page, a newspaper to be given to the chapters every month, would be great. MD: agreed to strive to have the newspaper published monthly in time for the SCC meetings. However, he needs articles.

D: deferred to the 5-29-07 SCC meeting:

* Results of political actions by the GP of CT with the CT legislature; issues GP of CT wants to address in 2008..

* ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT “campaign finance reform” law.

* CTGP website.

* GPUS issues

E. Treasurer’s Report: CR: GPUS sent an unsigned check to GP of CT. CR is trying to get it signed. Check is for set-aside money.

F. GP of CT listserv was fixed by Demitri.

Place and agenda for 5-29-07 SCC meeting: East Rock Magnet School.

Place of next EC meeting scheduled for 6-07: to be determined.