12-12-05 EC meeting at Greater Hartford Chapter's office, 12-12-05

Place: 418-A New Britain Avenue, Hartford, CT.

Time: 7:35PM

Attendee's: Barbara Barry, Secretary of CTGP; Michael DeRosa, Co-chairperson.

Not attending: Judy Herkimer, treasurer, who was aware (by several e-mails) of time and place of this meeting;

Resigned co-chairpersons: Aaron Gustafson and Kelly McCarthy.

No observers.

General discussion: last SCC meeting of 11-29-05: consensus: have today's EC meeting and 12-27-05 SCC


Agenda for 12-27-05 SCC meeting:


Do usual including: approval of 11-29-05 SCC and 12-12-05 EC meetings; Treasurer's monthly reports from 10-05; 3rd quarter treasurer's report to CT Secretary of State office;


Usual chapter reports; Women's Caucus to report on the recent Modified consensus training;

U.S. Green Party report from Tim McKee, CT rep. to GPUS. Tom Sevigny apparently has resigned from

Green Party activities: reason: unknown.

V.O.T.E.R. report from Mike DeRosa including potential CTGP lawsuit against State of CT; discuss election laws.

Budget Committee suggestions/talking points.

David Bedell: discuss CTGP potential candidates for 2006.

Fill vacancies of Process Committee.

Discuss possible speakers at SCC meetings.

Internal Elections committee needs to start up for election of CTGP officers.

Make meeting a social event, too. Bring food/beverage.