CT Green Party State Central Committee Meeting
July 30, 2002

CT Green Party State Central Committee Meeting 30 July 2002

Attending (voting representatives listed by chapter): Vincent Maruffi -CC, Justine McCabe - WC, John Battista - WC, Vittorio Lancia - CC, Christopher Reilly, Karin Norton - TC, Scott Tomford -Avon, Penny Teal - SE, Peter Magistri - NC, Barbara Barry-de Rosa - GH, Mike de Rosa - GH, Michael Westerfield - NE, Amy vas Nunes - NE, Chris Nelson - NL, Ken Humphrey, Tom Ethier - NW, Ed Savage, Jean de Smet - NE.

Items for chapters to discuss

~The Voting Procedures Committee needs at least 7 people (preferably more), all from different chapters, to volunteer to count votes after the CTGP annual election. Please send names to the state meeting with chapter rep's.

~The CTGP needs a volunteer to be responsible for maintaining the national web site's election information page (this person could also keep the same information posted on the CTGP page, most likely).

~The Presidential Exploratory Committee questionnaire sent out last month must be submitted by the Aug. state meeting to John Battista (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). ~The deadline for declaring candidacy for a CTGP office (co chair, secretary, treasurer, or GP-US representative) is 24 Sept. (the date of the state met Financial report The CTGP has $523 in its account at present. Discussion of need to either cut expenses or guarantee a more steady income. Hartford candidates have promised to pay 50% of rent beginning next month, till Nov.

Business, Old and New

Minutes were accepted by a vote of 8-3-3.

The North Central chapter, which extends from just north of Hartford up to the MA line, was recognized as an official CTGP chapter, with full voting rights.

The following motion was approved by a vote of 12-2-4: Upon request for a suspension or removal from the listserver, an appeals committee comprising at most one person from each chapter will be convened; they may meet by email or in person to review the case. The suspension or removal will not take effect until the committee is able to meet. A request for an appeal must come within 48 hours of notification of the intent to suspend or remove someone from the listserver, or the suspension or removal will be effected automatically.

The special bylaws meeting will be held on Tuesday, 20 August, in Middletown.

Some state CTGP brochures have the wrong address on them; if they list an address in Storrs, it needs to be changed to the Hartford PO Box (available on website).

The media committee will be responsible for promoting the Medea Benjamin event on 16 Aug. in Hartford. The Tolland chapter will arrange a special CTGP gathering for September. The next state meeting will be held on Tues., 27 August, in Middletown.

*guide to chapter abbreviations:
CC - Central CT
GH - Greater Hartford
NC - North Central
NE - Northeast
NFA - Norwich Free Academy
NH - New Haven
NL - New London
NW - Northwest
SE - Southeast
TC - Tolland County
WC - Western