When:  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2012      

Where:  PORTLAND SENIOR CENTER, 7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT 064

Attending: Barbara Barry, David Bedell, Allan Brison, Jean DeSmet, Richard Duffee, James Duarte, William Glickman, Wendy Hamilton, Patricia Kane, Ken Krayeske, Doug Lary, Vic Lancia, John Lancz, Linda Lancz, Ross Lewin, Hector Lopez, Barbara Martin, Jerry Martin, Rolf Maurer, Tim McKee, Mike Pec?   , Chris Reilly, Jeff Russell, Jane Weston & 1 illegible


 Meeting Convened 6:40 PM by K. Krayeske

J. Martin, Moderator

 Approved Minutes of January 26, 2012 SCC Meeting w/additional names attending

Distributed Executive Committee Minutes: May 2011 to January 2012

Approved Minutes of November 29, 2011 SCC Meeting

1.         Treasurer’s Report – C. Reilly distributed a report.

            Balance: $ 91.59

            Internal Elections: C. Reilly suggested post card notice to members to request a ballot because voter list is NOT available this year. He will do the mailing, but needs a cover letter and a sample ballot.

            Self-nominations for GP CT Officers are due to the Secretary (Patricia Kane) before the next State Central Committee meeting on March 27, 2012

            Annual Meeting will be Saturday, April 28, 2012. Time and place TBD. 

2.         Chapter Reports: - P. Kane

            Fairfield, New Haven, New London were in compliance. Reports were summarized. No report from Hartford chapter.

3.         Committee Reports:

            By-laws & Procedures - J. Martin discussed the rationale for the change. The current bylaw would have required an unattainable number of votes to make changes.

            Passed: First paragraph of Proposed Bylaw Amendment in which the word “full” was changed to “active” to permit future amendment of bylaws.

            The vote was 10 Yes, 9 No and 3 abstentions counted.

            Failed: The Second paragraph of the proposal was defeated 10 Yes, 10 No, 2 Abs

            Platform Committee – P. Kane mentioned the successful Platform Dialogue, chaired by J. Martin , as a positive experience and a productive discussion.

            J. Martin submitted a proposed Platform for adoption by the GP of CT. R. Duffee objected to some language and offered a Resolution in lieu of the platform statement. Martin decided to defer the language on the issue of corporate “personhood” to the March SCC meeting. The vote was yes on all other platform positions.

            Passed. 15 yes, 6 no.

4.         Update on Voter list - K. Krayeske reported that despite a request pursuant to the FOIA which was denied, and an appeal, the Sec. of State’s Office is not distributing voter lists this year and the GP of Ct will have to use last year’s list in conjunction with any updates.

5.         Candidates search – K Krayeske said that Melissa Schlag of Haddam had appeared before the Executive Committee and declared her intention to run for State Senate in the 33rd District as a Green. Krayeske spoke about her impressive background and political experience and said she will likely get public funds for her campaign.

Nicholas Payne will run for state assembly district 67 in New Milford, the seat being vacated by Republican Clark Chapin.

            Jean DeSmet may run in Willimantic

            DeRosa is looking for candidates in Hartford.

6.         Ad Hoc Committee Report: CT Petition Campaign/Presidential campaign – SM DeRosa distributed petitions. B. Barry gave instructions.

7.         NEW: GPUS National Delegate Selection process – a proposal was submitted by J. Martin in response to a directive from the GP US and it was approved by Consensus. The National Convention will be in Baltimore from July 12-15, 2012.

8.         Fund Raising Event – SM DeRosa and R. Duffee are planning a dinner in Manchester, CT on Wed. 3/21 or 3/28.

9.         PASSED: Resolution to Censure Amy Vas Nunes. There was lengthy discussion on her past attacks on individuals posted to the listservs and the proposal submitted by K. Krayeske was to ban her participation in the listservs The vote was 11 yes, 6 no and 6 abstentions.

The Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Patricia Kane, Secretary