Accepted minutes of the  May 3, 2016   GPCT  EC telephonic meeting at 6:11PM.  Minutes  by Barbara Barry, co-chairperson.  

GPCT EC:  Co-chairpersons: Emily Garfinkel, Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa; Christopher Reilly, treasurer and David Bedell, secretary.  Facilitator: Barbara

4-30-16  GPCT Annual Meeting:  attendees  selected the 2016 GPUS presidential candidates: Jill Stein: 24votes;  William “Bill” Kreml: 1 vote and 2 votes  for Elijah D. Manley, a 16 ½ year old male from FL.

CR proposed a motion: 1st   round of balloting at the GPUS presidential nominating convention (August 4-7-2016):   Six delegates for Jill Stein and  the other delegate to abstain.      2nd round of balloting: release delegates to vote as they see fit.  GPCT is allotted by the GPUS: 7 delegates  based on the number  of Congressional Districts=5  and the 2 U.S. senators. Motion seconded by DB. Passed by consensus without any blocking concerns. BAB suggested that this proposal be presented to the attendees at the next SCC for their input, also.  This was agreed upon.

Next SCC to be either Tuesday,  May 17, 2016 or Wednesday, 5-18-16  at Portland Waverly Center….SMD to get either date.   This will also include the 4th GPCT nominating convention starting at 6:30pm.   Estimated SCC start time:  7PM.

Passed by consensus: DB to put convention notice in  5 business days prior to the SCC meeting, as required by CT regulations.   Either BAB or SMD will hand deliver a notice of the same to the CT  SOTS office.  SMD to sign the document to SOTS.

How to select GPCT delegates to the GPUS nominating convention: CR: want people who can physically go to the convention.  DB: consider presidential electors as delegates to convention?

BAB:  Tim McKee is no longer  able to participate on the GPCT Media Committee so suggest that Rolf Maurer(current Media Committee member)  to chair this committee. Aim:  support of our GPCT candidates and possible ballot line access for our GPUS presidential candidate.  SMD remains on committee. Reach out to other members for committee.

Deadline for submission of GPCT candidates  who which to run for GPUS Standing Committees must be by the close of business on the day of next SCC meeting.  Submissions  must be sent  to DB, Secretary.

SMD: presidential petition drive: need to clarify F.E.C. procedures about how to pay petitioners via Jill Stein’s compliance officer.   JS may send petitioners into CT to assist GPCT members?   Suggest $1 per VALID petition signature.    SMD to coordinate with JS.

CR: need a contract type document if  petitioners are to be paid. SMD and CR to clarify more about this.  

GPCT Outreach Committee: need to clarify/update which GPCT members are liaisons with organizations with similar values.   Need these liaisons to regularly report to the GPCT whether by email or social media or meetings or events.