For immediate release February 23, 2021

Peter Goselin, Co-chair
Green Party of Connecticut
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On the day that the United States marked one-half million COVID-19 deaths, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced a new vaccine schedule. While the schedule prioritizes vaccination of educators and school staff, it is otherwise age-based, contrary to the schedule suggested by the CDC and followed by other states. Lamont is quoted as saying that the goal is to “get as many people vaccinated as quickly as we can.”

“Getting more people vaccinated faster will not produce better outcomes if the schedule ignores those who need it the most,” rebuts Peter Goselin, a Green Party of Connecticut co-chair. “Governor Lamont’s shameful action puts at risk hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents, including young people with disabilities and essential workers in grocery stores, public transit, and food and agriculture. In this pandemic, disabled people have especially suffered from isolation and lack of medical resources; while younger and lower paid workers, especially Black and Brown workers, have been least likely to work in socially distant jobs. Both groups are at greater risk and should be given greater priority. Like so much of his political agenda, Lamont’s vaccination schedule effectively privileges his rich, white Gold Coast neighbors over disabled people and essential workers.”

Goselin, pointing out the irony of Lamont’s announcement, added “What Lamont’s words really show is when politicians say we’re all in the same boat, they mean that they are on the upper decks and we are in steerage.”

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