Connecticut Green Party Press Release

For Immediate Release: Thursday, June 5 2003

Green Presidential Candidates push Democrats on Issue

Hartford, CT- Green Party of Connecticut officials announced today that welcomed the Massachusetts Supreme Court Ruling in favor of Gay Marriage, calling it a great day for Constitutional and Human rights.

"The Green Party has long favored gay civil rights, and Green Presidential candidate Ralph Nader advocated gay marriage in the 2000 campaign," Tim McKee, a spokesperson for the Green Party of Connecticut said today. He added, "This ruling means the State House in Massachusetts and probably Connecticut will have to deal with issues to protect Constitutional rights, and the Greens continue to lead on this issue and will field more candidates who advocate for civil rights in 2004."

"On a Presidential level, the Democrats candidates will have to come around to the Greens and the Court's side. Howard Dean, for example, has been opposed to gay marriage and was forced by the Vermont Court to have ‘Civil Unions'. The Civil Marriage ruling means the Democrats will have to follow Nader and the Greens candidates lead on this issue." McKee, who also is Chair of the Draft Nader Campaign in Connecticut said.

He pointed to several Green Party Presidential candidates, many local and state candidates support of the Gay Civil Marriage issue.

The Greens noted many Democrats, including Clinton-Gore, and State House Democrats in most states, joined Republicans in the dreadful "Defense of Marriage Act" (D.O.M.A.) which barred gay civil marriages.

"When Republicans are so anti-gay rights, and Democrats claim they are for gay rights while turning their back on civil rights with D.O.M.A. votes, Greens will gain more and more votes in every election by standing for civil rights" McKee stated.

CT Green Party Contacts:
Tim McKee, Green Media Committee, Draft Nader CT Chair (860) 643-2282
Tom Sevigny, State Co-chair, (860) 693-8344
Mike DeRosa, State Co-chair, (860) 956-8170 or (860) 919-4042
Justine McCabe, State Co-chair, (860) 354-1822