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For immediate release: Thursday, June 5 2003

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Connecticut Greens Oppose UN Security Council Resolution Legitimizing US Invasion and Occupation of Iraq

The Green Party of Connecticut, a partner in the Uniting for Peace Coalition, condemns the US-sponsored Security Council resolution 1483 on Iraq, which effectively legitimizes the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US and UK, and relegates the world body to a secondary role.

Hartford, CT--The Green Party of Connecticut condemns the US-sponsored Resolution 1483 approved May 22nd by the Security Council as failing to ensure that the United Nations is authorized to oversee the reconstruction of Iraq, the formation of its new government and the control of its resources. This resolution violates both international law and the principles of the UN Charter.

As a result of the resolution, the UN has accepted a secondary, consultative role while conceding the US and UK, the occupying powers, near total authority in Iraq. In fact, in the approved resolution, they are referred to as "the Authority."

According to party co-chair, Justine McCabe of New Milford, "This is a sad day for the UN. By acquiescing to the White House's bribes and threats, Security Council Members have, after the fact, provided a rubber stamp for an illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US and again failed to live up to their responsibilities to maintain peace and security. Instead of ensuring the force of international law and the UN charter, the law of force has prevailed."

Despite passage of this US-sponsored resolution, the fact remains that millions of people in Connecticut and around the world marched in the streets to oppose the Bush doctrine of "might makes right."

Tom Sevigny of Canton, member of the US Green Party Steering Committee and former state senate candidate said, "We call on the United Nations at this turning point in history to remember this enormous and growing force that stands as an alternative to the military and economic power of a unilateralist US. It is these people for whom the United Nations was created to represent. The American people should demand a government in Washington that plays a leading role for peace at the United Nations, rather than using it as an instrument of war."

On May 1, the Uniting for Peace Coalition released a petition to the UN calling for an emergency resolution that would not only ensure the centrality of the UN in Iraq's reconstruction, but would prevent the invading powers from being rewarded for their aggression against a sovereign country.

"With the passage of the Anglo-American-sponsored Security Council resolution," said Charlie Pillsbury of New Haven, former Green Party Congressional candidate in 2002, "the US and UK have almost complete control over the funds of the Development Fund for Iraq. At the same time, these governments are not required to pay war reparations nor are they held to their obligation as occupying powers under the Geneva Conventions to pay for the humanitarian needs caused by their illegal invasion and occupation."

The Greens note other crucial matters not addressed by the resolution. These include:

  • the illegality of preventive and preemptive war
  • the lack of provision for the removal of depleted uranium, cluster bombs and undetonated munitions
  • the gathering of evidence of war crimes or crimes against humanity committed by the belligerent parties
  • the failure to ensure that the invading powers are prevented from establishing military bases in Iraq or from profiting from Iraq's reconstruction or the development or sale of Iraqi oil
  • the failure to ensure that not only Iraq but all countries of the Middle East are free from occupation and all forms of weapons of mass destruction.

"As part of the Uniting for Peace Coalition, the Green Party will be closely monitoring the behavior of the US in Iraq, " Green Elizabeth Horton Sheff, majority leader of the Hartford City Council said. "We will continue to insist that if the Security Council fails to fulfill its responsibilities in Iraq as we have outlined in our petition, then the UN General Assembly must assume this responsibility under UN Resolution 377, 'Uniting for Peace.'"

In addition to the Green Party, the Uniting for Peace petition has been endorsed by over 150 international peace groups including Center for Constitutional Rights, Global Exchange, Friends of the Earth International, Greenpeace International, Center for Economic and Social Rights, Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Anglican Communion, Madre and many prominent individuals, including Dennis Halliday and Hans von Sponek (former UN Humanitarian Coordinators for Iraq), Professors Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk, Jane Goodall, and Dr. Helen Caldicott.

The petition continues to be endorsed at


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