March 18, 2003

Tom Sevigny, Co-chair, (860) 693-8344
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Justine McCabe, Co-chair, (860) 354-1822
Michael Burns, Vernon, CT (860) 871-7459
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HARTFORD (March 18) The Green Party has come out as the only political party united in its opposition to military action against Iraq, and activists with the Connecticut Green Party are vehement in their objection to a war they see as illegal under international law and unconstitutional under U.S. law.

"The Bush administration may use smart bombs during its invasion of Iraq but it is pursuing a dumb policy" says Mike DeRosa, co-chair of the CT Green Party.

"This policy will create more terrorism and terrorists, will kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, will bankrupt the U.S. economy, and will have us occupying Middle Eastern countries for decades."

The Connecticut Green Party has been active in the organizations of demonstrations, vigils, petitions, and town resolutions against the war. Though denouncing Saddam Hussein as a cruel and aggressive tyrant, the Party sees no immediate threat against the United States and no justification for a massive invasion.

The Party also fully supports the troops in the Middle East and urges the Bush administration to bring the troops home immediately.

Saying that "dissent is as American as apple pie," DeRosa called for the return of U.S. troops.

"We support our troops, we want to bring them home alive" DeRosa stated. "We support the families of our servicemen, we want their loved ones here protecting the U.S. not overseas stationed for the next decade all over the world being George W. Bush's police force". That is the job of the United Nations and the Security Council not the job of the Bush administration or American government," DeRosa said.

Michael Burns, a CTGP activist from Vernon, opposes the war for several reasons. " Where's the threat?" Burns asked. "The weapons inspections are working. But that aside, where are the weapons of mass destruction? It's been proven that he has no nuclear program, that his bioweapons cultures have died, and that he has no long range missiles to deliver what he might have. There is no threat."

Justine McCabe, a CTGP co-chair from New Milford, sees Connecticut citizens trying to make democracy work. "Increasingly Connecticut residents have shown concerted opposition to a war in Iraq," McCabe said.

"They hold vigils, demonstrations. They write and phone their representatives and senators. Yet there appears to no opening in the Bush Administration's determination to go to war. Consequently people feel helpless to influence the situation. They wonder why they should bother to vote or take an active part in civic life. The irony of this situation is not lost on people. As Bush claims to be waging war in order to bring democracy to Iraq, his actions at home simply disregard the growing opinion of his own citizens who oppose a preemptive strike."

The CTGP also expressed concern about the cost of the war and the financial impact in Connecticut. Guided by the principle of "thinking globally and acting locally," CT Greens see the state of Connecticut suffering an enormous fiscal crisis, adversely affecting every municipality in the state. As the Bush administration pumps billions of dollars per day into a war against Iraq, Connecticut programs and basic services for health and education are being cut.

"How can the US justify this deadly venture when there is no evidence of an imminent threat?" McCabe asked. "The estimated $100 billion needed just for the invasion phase of war in Iraq would cost Connecticut taxpayers at least $1,843,000,000 in lost revenues. Besides the horrific loss of civilian and military life and more contamination of the environment, Bush's war will further deny the basic needs of our own citizens."

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