Press Release - June 03, 2001

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The Green Party of Connecticut is calling for the immediate creation of lists of "no spray" addresses in CT by the DEP. "Since dead crows have been found which may be infected with the West Nile virus, we know there will be tremendous pressure for spraying universally," said Penny Teal, co-chair of the Environmental Committee of the Green Party.

"Many communities and individuals are opposed to indiscriminate spraying, especially in view of the danger of the chemicals used and the possibility that the West Nile threat is being exaggerated. Suffolk County, NY, has proposed that their EPA establish a database of the names and addresses of people who do not want their property sprayed for mosquito control purposes, unless in the event of a public health emergency. This system could easily be implemented in CT, and we are asking the DEP to do so without delay." The list would be similar to that maintained by the Department of Consumer Protection which prohibits making telemarketing calls to any registered households. Over 50 percent of Connecticut families have signed onto this list in less than two years.

"The list itself is simple to maintain," said Dr. Teal. "Connecticut citizens should not be subjected to chemical spraying, particularly when there are environmentally safe means of mosquito control available."

Dr. Teal added that children in particular should be protected from unnecessary spraying, and "this list would allow parents like myself to protect them." The Green Party's proposed Neighbor Notification Law further protects children from sprayed chemicals with its School Protection provisions. Effective July 1 in New York counties, when a school wants to spray chemicals it must notify the parents and they decide if their child should be exposed to those toxins or kept home for the day.

"We want to give parents the right to make decisions affecting their children's health, not leave that up to bureaucrats," said Dr. Teal. "School Protection and a No Spray Registry are ideas whose time has come. The DEP can create these lists in just a week. There is no reason not to do so, and we call on Governor Rowland to take action immediately."

"We have posted a copy of the proposed law for Suffolk County on our '' website, and invite people to review it and make comments to the Green Party and to their legislators and other government officials. There are many people who are concerned about over-exposure to toxic chemicals, and their voices should be heard."